Our 2020 Monthly Schedule 

I can’t recommend the Collab Salon enough. This year’s lineup showcases some of the most fascinating and innovative up and coming practitioners and their practice. And you can both meet and hear about this in the most intimate of situations, almost as if your were sitting around a dinner table speaking to one another as old friends. We should all be thankful to Re-Authoring Teaching for creating such a ‘space’ for us to meet one another from all around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: We always meet at 4pm New York time on the third Sunday of the month. Remember to check  your time on a world clock such as here  and daylight savings time changes before joining us.

The Collab Salon is a monthly webinar when online presenters and members from around the world meet informally in real time for 1.5 hours. We always meet at 5pm on the third Sunday of the month (New York time). In each of these Zoom “meetings on a cloud,” we focus on a different theme relating to narrative practice for further reflection/inquiry, cross-cultural exploration and learning. After the meeting is over, the recording is added to our Library of Past Salons – available 24/7 to all Collab Salon members. All levels are welcome. You just need to register, download Zoom ahead of time, check your local time zone, and then come to our meeting room at the designated time.

Look below to see what’s in store for 2020. Click on the toggle plus sign in the red box on the left for more information; then click on the photo, for even more details. Keep in mind only members can register.

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Download the 2020 schedule here!

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“Narrative ideas arrived in France only 15 little years ago and by a strange sequence of circumstances, they were taught essentially to organisational coaches. This simple fact, plus our cultural specificities, produced “narrative coaching,” which is the transposition of narrative therapy in the corporate and business field. But hey, is it not right into the home and realm of “Cappy” that we bring the jewels crafted by Michael, Eppy and co? And to what purpose? Fatten and flatter his Majesty the Shareholder? “Massage the rowers’ shoulders”* so that they can row more and more in the hypnosis of Job Happiness?  I would like to share how we collectively as a professional community brought a narrative answer to this ethical dilemma in the form of the first ethical professional code composed only with questions.” Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun

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“What does Narrative Therapy have to offer to these wild and uncertain times of Climate Change, the Anthropocene, the Sixth Great Extinction? How does the dominant story of doom serve to sink spirits and immobilize people? Does the Big Disconnect hoodwink people into thinking they are too small and helpless to make a difference? How can we bring up the relationship people are in with this global challenge? What emergent liberative narratives could stand up to and surpass the story of doom? Can our questions invite preferred narratives of empowerment, and inspiration, help clients find their way into inspired responses based on their gifts? Can we be part of a revolution that moves humans from being machinalized into eco-cidal ways to becoming eco-sourced, joyful and grateful, able to make a difference in community?”  Jenny Freeman