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Hello and update from Kayla

Read Kayla Robbins' introduction and hear about what she's discovering as she gets involved with Reauthoring Teaching: Building on The Legacy of Michael White, The Collab Salon Membership Drive, Netiquette, and additions to our Youtube Channel.

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Join Our Michael White Legacy Project!

A Special Year: the 10th Anniversary of Michael White’s Passing Welcome to our first community Project!  Whether or not you can join us in person at the San Diego Narrative Gathering, please contribute to our collective efforts to honor our mentor, Michael White. Some of us will walk through this project together through Facebook, courses, training programs and/or study groups. Collab Salon members can learn more about these collective efforts in honor of our [...]

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An Open Letter to The Narrative Community

We at Re-authoring Teaching hope to contribute to a richer conversation about how, as a community, we make space for useful dialogue about all the variations and emerging approaches. In a previous News Blog entitled What are Insider Witness Practices, we posted some background information in the hopes that by educating ourselves, we can each decide for ourselves about the value, ethics and possibilities for this set of practices in training, supervision and higher education. Below you will find links to the Newsletter that sparked the controversy, to a previous newsletter that ironically argued against handling differences in the narrative community in injurious ways, and to some initial responses from those who feel like the descriptions of Insider Witnessing Practices have been inaccurate and unfair, and who feel that the process by which these concerns have been aired involved questionable ethics and use of power. We also include some of our Board’s contributions as we reflect on Narrative Luminaries, Online Ethics, and our intentions to continue this conversation.  Please join us!

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What are Insider Witness Practices?

Some of you may be aware that in the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy December newsletter, Stephen Madigan wrote about Tom Carlson and David Epston’s recent work on Insider Witnessing Practices in a manner that many have found distressing. As narrative therapy continues to grow and evolve, we at Re-authoring Teaching hope to contribute to a richer conversation about how, as a community, we make space for dissent, worry, doubt, and concern about the various directions that the work will go. Many of the Re-authoring Teaching Board have had a chance to learn about IWP from its creators, and do not recognize this interesting and moving work in Stephen’s descriptions. We encourage you to explore the work as described by its creators, and then join the conversation about the value, ethics and possibilities for this set of practices in training, supervision and higher education.  

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Faculty Offerings – Beginning in September 2017!

Re-authoring Teaching has selected three Customized Faculty Consultation Groups as extensions of our training initiatives and to further build our global learning community. Wherever you are situated around the world, you are welcome to join us in real-time for these unique group experiences. Please sign up soon if you would like to register especially since these groups start in September/October. In addition, we include a unique apprenticeship training opportunity with David Epston, Tom Carlson & Kay Ingamells! Wherever you are situated around the world, you are welcome to join us in real-time for these enlivening group experiences.

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Our First Guest Blog

Thanks Jess for agreeing to write our first Guest Blog - a new feature on this website. Jess wrote these reflections after attending her first Narrative Therapy workshop (June 2017) sponsored by Re-authoring Teaching.  

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Narrative Therapy in Wonderland

From the get-go, engaging prose makes this book fun—yes, fun!—to read. Vivid transcripts reveal the powers children have when their imagination, ingenuity, and sense of humor are engaged. Creativity is central to narrative therapy, as is moving past one-size-fits-all solutions. It is refreshing to learn how the creative capacities of each child and family can be channeled towards elegant and often unique resolution of the challenges they face, and to see the 'wonderfulness' of [...]

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Register Now for Online Course with Larry Zucker!

Course Registration Now Open! Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-ability with Larry Zucker, LCSW, has been in development for over a year. We are very excited to share the six lessons with you. The course draws from a range of multi-media resources with built-in opportunities to interact with Larry and with each other. Each lesson captures some of Larry's best teaching moments and then demonstrates the practices with clips from simulated interviews. We also explore transcripts, and provide exercises [...]

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Challenging the effects of childhood sexual abuse: A narrative approach

Clients most often come to see us with the idea of talking with us about their problem stories. This is a given. Before going there, however, my first question always points in the direction of the future, a question like, "What's your hope for what our conversations will be able to provide? This way, the client is informed right from the start, of my interest not only in the problem narratives from the past, but also [...]

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Elena Baskina

Elena Baskina (Moscow, Russia) is a co-founder and counseling psychologist at the Charity Foundation for Psychological support, «Будущее Сейчас». The Foundation embraces narrative practitioners committed to changing the way psychologists communicate and think of people who they are helping. The Foundation’s team implements and develops Narrative Practices in different context. Elena is teaching both the on-line and off-line courses on narrative therapy, An Introduction to Narrative Therapy, Principles and Skills for Collective Practices, Responding [...]

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Live Interviews – Finding our way in narrative conversations

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills? In this 2 day gathering, Maggie Carey worked with a group of practitioners to explore- and participate in - a series of narrative interviews to explore examples of key narrative principles in action and practice specific skills to help navigate tricky dilemmas in our [...]

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