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A Tour Through Fresh Eyes

Welcome Trishala Kanakia as our new Reauthoring Teaching assistant! Through her fresh eyes, she shares here about six new developments that caught her attention: Featured Collab Salon Recordings, Rich Story Development in Action: 3 live interviews with Maggie Carey, What I learned from my mentor, The Collaborative Narrative Training Network Calendar, The 11 Hot Topics and 1 Burning Topic, and Reauthoring Confinement.

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Stop Asian American Pacific Islands (AAPI) Hate

The Re-authoring Teaching Board fully endorses the statement by the Auntie Sewing Squad in response to Asian American Pacific Islands (AAPI) violence. Founded by Kristina Wong in Los Angeles,  this group of self-sufficient volunteers gives their time, talent, materials and labor to sew and deliver masks to people who need them most. Our board member, Kathie Adams is a member of this group, having been sewing masks throughout the pandemic, and donating them to the Auntie Sewing Squad for their distribution to the most marginalized communities. We share your heartbreak and anger at the deadly violence that occurred in Georgia on March 16, 2021. We mourn those who were killed, most of whom were Asian/Asian American women, and stand in solidarity with their loved ones. We are alarmed by the broader context of escalating anti-Asian violence.

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Black Lives Matter, Ending Police Brutality & Showing up for Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter. Matters. Narrative Therapy has “mattering” at its heart. It has always been about helping people re-story and restore their lives according to their own deeply held values, according to what matters to them. We’ve long sought to support people in finding ways to resist the individualizing, psychologizing, decontextualizing, and pathologizing descriptions of their struggles that much of the world—and much of our field—reproduce and reinforce. But the time has come for us to acknowledge the insufficiency of our past efforts. ...

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Anti Burnout, Delving Into Difference, Inclusivity, Climate Change- and Other Themes -for the Coming Year

September is a time for new beginnings. We live in difficult times when we need more than ever to build communities of shared purpose,  focus our energies on what matters most to us, and to sustain our spirit in the work. A big thank you to The Reauthoring Teaching Board and to everyone' contributions in the past year to The Collab Salon, Narrative Camp & Workshops, Online Courses , Faculty Offerings. We are especially excited for opportunities to participate in so many conversations across narrative generation(s). Our hope is that our mission will continue to guide us over the coming year(s). Please join us in bringing the invigorating and community building spirit of Narrative Camp 2019 into our coming year. Read below to learn more about themes guiding what's emerging in our 2019-2020 Narrative Training initiatives.

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Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun

Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun, MBA,  is a “Narrapist”, Coach, therapist, trainer and supervisor of coaches, corporate poet and teacher of the Australian Narrative Approach in France and Europe. As one of the oldest French coaches, he is the Founder and Director of White Spirit Narratives; the Founder and Pedagogic Director of La Fabrique Narrative, a Columnist at Management Magazine. He has published 17 books. With 25 years of experience in professional support and professional development consulting,  Pierre currently accompanies leaders, Executive teams and professional communities with narrative practices.

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New Consultation Groups – Beginning January 2019

A new round of customized Faculty Consultation Groups will begin meeting through Zoom in September 2018. These groups are in addition to the ongoing apprenticeship training opportunity with David Epston, Tom Carlson & Kay Ingamells. Wherever you are situated around the world, we invite you to join us in real-time for these enlivening group experiences.

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