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Narrative Therapy in Wonderland

From the get-go, engaging prose makes this book fun—yes, fun!—to read. Vivid transcripts reveal the powers children have when their imagination, ingenuity, and sense of humor are engaged. Creativity is central to narrative therapy, as is moving past one-size-fits-all solutions. It is refreshing to learn how the creative capacities of each child and family can be channeled towards elegant and often unique resolution of the challenges they face, and to see the 'wonderfulness' of [...]

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Register Now for Online Course with Larry Zucker!

Course Registration Now Open! Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-ability with Larry Zucker, LCSW, has been in development for over a year. We are very excited to share the six lessons with you. The course draws from a range of multi-media resources with built-in opportunities to interact with Larry and with each other. Each lesson captures some of Larry's best teaching moments and then demonstrates the practices with clips from simulated interviews. We also explore transcripts, and provide exercises [...]

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Elena Baskina

Elena Baskina (Moscow, Russia) is a co-founder and counseling psychologist at the Charity Foundation for Psychological support, «Будущее Сейчас». The Foundation embraces narrative practitioners committed to changing the way psychologists communicate and think of people who they are helping. The Foundation’s team implements and develops Narrative Practices in different context. Elena is teaching both the on-line and off-line courses on narrative therapy, An Introduction to Narrative Therapy, Principles and Skills for Collective Practices, Responding to Trauma. Her therapeutic practice involves working with women, who live with the effects of infertility, losing children and family members, traumatic experiences, anxiety and depression. Since 2010 Elena has run the support groups and developed collective narrative practices for various contexts.

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Live Interviews – Finding our way in narrative conversations

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills? In this 2 day gathering, Maggie Carey worked with a group of practitioners to explore- and participate in - a series of narrative interviews to explore examples of key narrative principles in action and practice specific skills to help navigate tricky dilemmas in our [...]

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Bridging Narrative Therapy, EMDR and Somatic Therapies

We are delighted to announce Lynne V. Rosen, LCSW as our newest member of our Re-authoring Teaching Faculty. Currently practicing in Los Angeles, California, Lynne has been engaged in therapeutic work for over 25 years in medical, residential, inpatient, community and private practice settings. She found her therapeutic and philosophical home in the early 90’s when she traveled to New York to hear Michael White and David Epston. Most recently, Lynne has focused her attention on integrating Narrative Therapy [...]

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Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: April Collab Salon!

David Marsten David Epston Laurie Markham David Marsten, David Epston & Laurie Markham launch their new book. Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with Children's Imaginative know-how will soon be published by WW Norton! This innovative book makes a significant contribution to recognizing and utilizing the power of children’s voices and imagination in narrative therapy. Join us for our first Collab Salon book launch - Sunday, April 17 @ [...]

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March 20, 2016 Collab Salon: Bridging Narrative Therapy and Psychiatry

What do narrative therapy and narrative psychiatry have in common?  Our three co-presenters took turns sharing different experiences with bridging narratively-informed psychotherapy, psychiatric care and mental health treatment. The conversation focused on about common core principles and practices for therapeutic conversations that foster resilience,  employ externalizing practices to develop culturally-contextualized understandings of problems that are separate from the person’s identity, and build on the family’s or individual’s values, cultural context and vision of well-being.

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Maggie Carey’s Return to Vermont – Update!

Please note: Originally planned for Treleven Farm, Maggie Carey's Live Interviews workshop quickly sold out. We have moved the location to All Souls in Shelburne, Vermont to make more room. If you were on the waiting list - or hadn't yet gotten around to signing up - please register as soon as you can to ensure a spot! Registration is open for Maggie Carey workshops in Vermont - and filling up fast!  Both workshops put ideas into practice through discussion, [...]

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Narrative Therapy India

The Ummeed Child Development Center – one of the premier non-profit organizations in India working with children with disabilities- is taking a number of initiatives to offer trainings in narrative therapy. Along with Narrative Practices Adelaide, it is an honor for Re-authoring Teaching to partner with this group, to witness their commitment to high quality training, and to support their growing number of training initiatives.  The Ummeed Mental Health Teaching Team Jehanzeb Baldiwala Jehanzeb Baldiwala -therapist, supervisor, trainer [...]

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February 2016 Collab Salon: Exemplary Tales: Part 2 with David Epston & Tom Carlson

Narrative therapy has depended heavily on the exemplary tale (otherwise known as the 'case story') as one of its most characteristic means by which its practice is told. Michael White had a mastery of such a form, and now David Epston continues in this tradition. In November 2015, we were delighted to welcome David, Sasha Pilkington & Kay Ingamells (Auckland), and Travis Heath (Denver) for a special two hour session of the Collab Salon about using case studies as pedagogy (Collab members can review this Past Salon here). This time, David was accompanied by his colleague Tom Carlson (North Dakota, USA) to share what they are learning from using exemplary tales as a pedagogy with Tom's students (Sarah and Anna) at North Dakota State University. Sasha Pilkington & Kay Ingamells also joined us. This was such a lively and thought provoking Collab Salon!

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Working with Couples: Larry Zucker Course Preview!

The online course, Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-ability with Larry Zucker, LCSW is now in active development, and scheduled to begin in September 2016! This course is organized into six lessons exploring therapeutic conversations that are possible when Accountability emerges as practice distinct from Blame, and what we can do as therapists to nurture that distinction. The course builds on a number of materials including video clips from Larry's June, 2015 Vermont Workshop, Escaping Blame: Helping couples develop account-ability; simulated interviews, exercises, [...]

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