Re-authoring Teaching began as an online study group guided by the vision of becoming an island of belonging where people drawn to narrative practice and other collaborative approaches could find each other across geographic distance and build a learning community that transcends geography, professional status, and other differences. This website and its offerings, always growing and developing, draws from — and extends — discoveries explored in the book, Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory by Peggy Sax, PhD.
Now internationally recognized as a hub of narrative teaching and learning opportunities, Re-authoring Teaching remains deeply committed to the spreading of narrative training for practitioners—in addition to an increasingly emphasized focus on cultivating the development and flourishing of highly skilled and experienced educators of narrative practices so that the integrity and legacy of the form is sustained well into the future.

Creating a Collaboratory

Peggy Sax, at Vermont Educator’s Camp in June 2017, illustrates the ways using technology to augment the possibilities in creating a Teaching ColLABoratory can be a counterstory to the narrative of technology as frustrating and distracting, and how has become an innovative, online learning community with a focus on Higher Education.

Inspired by the Book

The online medium has opened up vast new possibilities for sharing and learning that could be adapted by nearly any teacher, in almost any topic, but seem to be particularly suited for teaching narrative and other post-modern therapies.  In fact, when I introduced the online aspect to my teaching, the interactive website became “the tail that wagged the dog.”  Rather than just being an interesting and somewhat useful adjunct, it has opened up entire new vistas of possibilities regarding interconnections, learning communities, bringing in multiple voices in addition to the teacher and student, and bridging the gap between teacher and students.” Lynn Hoffman


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