A remarkable team is working behind-the-scenes on continued development of our website, online courses, Higher Education materials and YouTube videos.These are the folks keeping the inner-workings of Re-Authoring Teaching running smoothly while dreaming up new ideas all the time! Together we are creating a collaboratory! A big thank you!

Meet Our Web-Development & Maintenance, and Video Production Team!

  • Peggy Sax
    Peggy Sax
    Visionary Director
  • Etienne Proulx
    Etienne Proulx
    Film editor
  • Charley Lang
    Charley Lang
    Film Director and Video Editor
  • Cindy Parrish
    Cindy Parrish
    Filmmaker and Video Editor
  • Larry Zucker
    Larry Zucker
    Tech Whiz, Video editor, and overall Mensch
  • William Cooke
    William Cooke
    Logistics and Tech Support
  • Ananya Broker Parekh
    Ananya Broker Parekh
    Illustrator and Storyteller
  • Agilsoft Digital
    Agilsoft Digital
    Web Development Team
  • Trishala Kanakia
    Trishala Kanakia
    Re-authoring Teaching Assistant

Making It Happen

Thank you to all who help out at our Vermont workshops and camps! We could not put on these events without you.

Narrative camp 2019

Hot Topics Coordinators

Thank you to everyone stepping forward to become point persons for each of our Hot Topics for a New Decade

Jenny Freeman
Jenny Freeman
Earth’s Environmental Crisis and Opportunity
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes
Michael White: Building on his legacy
David Epston
David Epston
David Epston: Improvisation, Innovations & Collaborations
Barbara (B) Herring
Barbara (B) Herring
Delving into Difference & Accountability
Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun
Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun
Narrative Practices Around the World: Intercultural Considerations
Sasha Pilkington
Sasha Pilkington
Narrative Skill Development