Meet our Team

Meet our Team 2017-09-22T10:27:31+00:00
A remarkable team is working behind-the-scenes on continued development of our website, online courses, Higher Education materials and YouTube videos. These are the folks keeping the inner-workings of Re-Authoring Teaching running smoothly while dreaming up new ideas all the time! A big thank you!

Meet Our Ongoing Web-Development & Tech Team!

Peggy Sax
Visionary Director
Mandy Kimm
Assistant Extraordinaire
Charley Lang
Film Director and Video Editor
Cindy Parrish
Filmmaker and Video Editor
Sarah Lenz
Graphic Designer (Smartloftstudio)
Tech Development & Support []

Making It Happen

Thank you to all who help out at our Vermont workshops and camps! We could not put on these events without you.

Larry Zucker

Larry Zucker – Tech Support

William Cooke – Logistics Support

Will Sherwin –  Welcoming Presence  &  Chauffeur

Akansha Vaswani – Graduate Student Volunteer

Become a Volunteer!

Re-authoring Teaching is a group effort. Please let us know if you have time, specific skills and energy to help out with tasks such as workshops, technical support, or videography.