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Cultivating Community

Re-authoring Teaching has a keen interest in the future of narrative therapy. Together we are committed to preserving, developing, and extending the legacy of Narrative Therapy. We’re working to build a sense of close community that brings together the vast global network of narrative practitioners.  In other words, we seek to embody that spirit of collaboration and community by being such a community.  Look here to find out what peers, colleagues, teachers and friends in the narrative world are up to and join our first Community Project – Building on the Legacy of Michael White.

Building on the Legacy of Michael White

A Special Year: the 10th Anniversary of Michael White’s Passing

Narrative Initiatives San Diego and Re-Authoring Teaching

Co-Hosting A Narrative Gathering in San Diego

And Creating A Community Online Project

Ten years ago this April, we lost one of the founders of Narrative therapy:  a brilliant mind, skillful interviewer, cherished mentor and a dear friend. As we approach this milestone, we come together to honor Michael’s legacy in a variety of ways. Re-authoring Teaching is excited to partner with Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD) to offer Building on the Legacy of Michael White: A Decade of Narrative Developments (March 28-30, 2018) on Coronado Island, San Diego. As a companion to this narrative gathering, we wish to pool the collective influence of Michael White into an online resource that paints a picture of his legacy through many voices, perspectives and mediums. Together we will gather a bouquet of materials from the gardens that have sprung up from the seeds planted by our mentor, Michael White.

A Community Project Looking Back, Exploring Initiatives Honoring Michael’s Intentions and Re-imagining Narrative Therapy in the Future.

Find Out More- and Contribute to – The Michael White Legacy Project

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices is dedicated to facilitating a thriving next generation of narrative practitioners.

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Our Partners

Together we are co-creating working relationships  to generate collaborative training ventures with existing and new partners—a whole world of possibilities is emerging, and each partnership is unique. Reach out to us with your ideas!

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For the latest on Re-Authoring Teaching and the field of narrative practice, have a look at our Blog posts, open to anyone.

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The Collab Salon Conversations

Since the beginning of our online study group in 2008, our Conversation Forum has been bringing its members together from across geographic distance to exchange on a range of topics of shared interest in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work.

Archived Collab Reflections

For Collab Salon members only, we offer here a sampling of archived material on include topics such as: Narrative, neurology & the body, everyday practice, collecting stories of hope, working with children and their families, narrative psychiatry and mental health, narrative organizational practices, teaching and supervision. We’ve also added some tributes to Michael White.

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Past Salons

Also for Collab Salon Members only, we offer an archive of all past Collab Salon online web gatherings, complete with a recording of the live webinar as well as supporting videos and materials.

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The Collab Salon Google Group

Now that our members can meet monthly in real time, we have created our Google Group as an informal place where members of The Collab Salon can exchange around ideas, discoveries, and news. Members come check us out!

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