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Re-Authoring Teaching’s Collab Salons and Narrative Camps have helped me develop an international team of narrative buddies that have expanded my worldview and sprouted many preferred developments.  Many of the folks I’ve met through Re-Authoring Teaching have become my best friends and real life sources of inspiration and creativity.  It’s a wonderful playground for those of us who want to practice lifting our voices into a thoughtful community devoted to learning and helping others.

The experiences of community created by engagement in Reauthoring Teaching have been nothing short of astounding! The monthly online gatherings, CEU courses, consultation offerings, and collaborative Vermont workshops (gorgeous Vermont!) where everyone, regardless of experience, is a peer, continue to inform my personal and professional worlds every single day. A true global community in action!

Re-authoring Teaching is more than just a website.  It is a global community of Narrative educators, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are welcoming and eager to share knowledge and resources through conversation (i.e. the monthly Collab Salon) as well as formal educational opportunities.  As a bourgeoning Narrative practitioner, Re-Authoring Teaching feels like a village for me to come home to.  Membership in this village has enriched my life — both personally and professionally — through the development of meaningful relationships, and knowledge and skills that nurture and guide my therapy practice.
Michael Castelli PLC, Counseling & Music Therapist, Middlebury Vermont
Re-authoring Teaching has a keen interest in the future of narrative therapy. Together we are committed to preserving, developing, and extending the legacy of Narrative Therapy. We’re working to build a sense of close community that brings together the vast global network of narrative practitioners.  In other words, we seek to embody that spirit of collaboration and community by being such a community.  Look here to find out what peers, colleagues, teachers and friends in the narrative world are up to and join one of our Community Projects.

Our Community Projects – Join us!

What I Learned From My Mentor

This new community project, linked to the Across Generations Hot Topic is building a Youtube playlist to capture learnings from cherished mentors. Please watch the videos and send in your video and audio contributions.

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Building on the Legacy of Michael White

Please join our first community project – pooling  the collective influence of Michael White into an online resource that paints a picture of his legacy through many voices, perspectives and mediums.

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Community Interviews

Our hope is that this will become a community project that builds on our interview skills to highlight diverse voices from around the world and across narrative generations.

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Collaborative Narrative Network Training Calendar

In the spirit of communities in connection (rather than individuals in competition), our vision is to bring together a network of independent narrative training initiatives around the world  that share the commitment to preserve, develop, and extend the legacy of narrative therapy.

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Fresh Voices

When Michael White died in 2008, it was difficult to envision the future of narrative therapy. Fresh Voices is dedicated to facilitating a thriving next generation of narrative practitioners.

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Our Partners

Together we are co-creating working relationships  to generate collaborative training ventures with existing and new partners—a whole world of possibilities is emerging, and each partnership is unique. Reach out to us with your ideas!

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Facebook Community

Check out Facebook for our latest news and opportunities to connect and contribute.

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For the latest on Re-Authoring Teaching and the field of narrative practice, have a look at our Blog posts, open to anyone.

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