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Preparing a new generation

When Michael White died in 2008, it was difficult to envision the future of narrative therapy. We’d like to extend a special heartfelt thank you to David Epston for his enthusiastic and tireless commitment to rigorous narrative inquiry; his inventive collaborations spawn a myriad of new possibilities and a new generation of practitioners.

Others have also stepped forward throughout the world:

  • Narrative trainers teaching workshops in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Australia and…
  • Educators bringing narrative practice to higher education settings;
  • Local mentors supporting practitioners in early career.

Together we are shaping the way forward. AND…the greatest reward?  Watch this video for a glimpse at the future!


Featured New Voices

BANTR Radio Podcasts – Lifting Up Voices

Will Sherwin describes the history of the idea for BANTR Radio Podcasts, and illustrates with a segment of a Michael White radio broadcast in BANTR #9: Collective Audio Bouquet. Filmed at Narrative Educators Camp, Charlotte, Vermont, June 2017.