Online Courses

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All of our courses draw from the best of teaching experiences and everyday practices with narrative practitioner-faculty with plenty of opportunities for practice. Best of all, our courses are adaptable to mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPads and tablets!
Our online courses have been under construction since 2011. A grant from The Taos Institute helped lay the foundation for developing our Online Learning Series, which brings together the best of our online learning tools: video, audio, written materials, discussion forums  and webinars. We offer stimulating content, meaningful conversation with practitioners throughout the world, and practice applications—all for Continuing Education Credit through our partnership with Alliant International University Continuing Education.

Try Our Self-Paced Courses!

Four courses are now open for registration, with several others under construction.

How do our courses work?

Each lesson within a course takes about two hours. Anyone can start at any time, although we usually first introduce a course with scheduled webinars. We welcome inquiries about adapting our courses to a variety of contexts, such as local consultation groups, training programs, and higher education.

Watch this brief video to get a quick tour of some questions and answers. Larry Zucker, Peggy Sax and Charley Lang demonstrate how easy it is to meet online in our webinar format.

Every course is different. However each one brings together three components:

  1. Course materials (text, video and audio) organized into self-paced lessons, topics and categories
  2. A practice-oriented exploration guided by an experienced practitioner
  3. Opportunities to try out exercises, participate in webinars, post questions, share ideas and build connections.

Make a donation

As a 501(3)c non-profit organization, we can now accept donations. We guarantee we will put your money to good use as we continue to maintain and build these online courses. No donation is too small — or too large!