David Epston: Improvisation, Innovations & Collaborations

David Espton, co-founder of narrative therapy, brings a sense of wonder, adventure and innovation to his conversations and collaborations. What makes a good question? What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? What are some narrative lines of inquiry? Here we give a glimpse at David’s illustrious contributions to Playful Approaches,  Anti-anorexia/Anti-bulimia, Alternative sources of bravery, and Insider Witness Practices. Please help us continue to grow these David Epston-inspired resources by sending us your contributions.


Podcasts with Kay Ingamells

This podcast of Wilbur the Warrior, tells the story of Kay Ingamells’ conversations with Wilbur and his parents, who she enlists as her co-therapists. Wilbur is an eight year old boy overcome by anxiety which has started to manifest as anorexia.  The story illustrates the process of developing a counter-story for a problem story using practices developed Kay’s mentor, David Epston. This story also be can be read, together with the companion article, which describes and explains the practices and ideas used in the sessions at www.yourstory.org.nz

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