We simply could not have developed this website, The Collab Salon, Online Courses, Higher Education Teaching Topics and other Resources without the help of our partners. Simply put, “It takes a village to create a learning community.” Together we are co-creating working relationships based on Re-authoring Teaching’s five guiding principles. We continue to generate collaborative training ventures with existing and new partners—a whole world of possibilities is emerging, and each partnership is unique. Reach out to us with your ideas!

Our Evolution

From the very beginning, Narrative Practices Adelaide supported our efforts, and embraced online learning as a component of their Certificate Programme.  Along the way, The Taos Institute provided mini-grants to build bridges between social constructionist approaches and narrative therapy, and to support course development.  Narrative Approaches has made many online resources available, and shares our commitment to honor the legacy of David Epston. Other partnerships soon began, as we embarked together on creating online courses, Collab Salons and Higher Education materials. Re-creating Narrative Therapy—our commitment to finding creative ways to support our international peers in translating into their languages and grounding their practice of narrative in local cultural heritage—brings forth many rich conversations and cross-pollination. With Across Narrative Generations: Co-Sparking with Emerging Voices  as one of the hot topics for the new decade, together we are committed to partnership relationships toward sustaining the future of narrative therapy.

Building a Collaborative Training Network

Together we share a commitment to preserve, develop, and extend the legacy of narrative therapy. Our hope is to create a central place to find: 1) training events; 2) online courses;  and 3) narrative training intensives, international diplomas, and apprenticeship programs.

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It is with gratitude that we list the following partners — a list we hope will continue to grow.

Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective

Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective is a nimble affiliation of experienced practitioners engaged in work with persons, couples, families and communities in a wide variety of settings. We share years of interest in practising and sharing what has come to be called Narrative Therapy. All of us have been influenced deeply by the work of Michael White and the teaching of Maggie Carey, Shona Russell and Rob Hall of Narrative Practices Adelaide and Alan Jenkins of NADA. Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective is currently coordinated by Terry Callahan and Sonja Bar-Am. Teachers and practitioners include Terry, Sonja, Mark Byrne and others. Email: [email protected] Web: www.adelaidenarrative.com

Apprenticeship in the Art of Narrative Practice

Have you ever longed to bring the magic of David Epston’s practice into your own? Have you ever sat in wonder at the capacity of such magic filled questions to transport people into new worlds filled with possibility?Immerse yourself in a year-long apprenticeship in David Epston’s narrative therapy practice.
  • You will find your own brilliance as a therapist
  • You will learn how to bring improvisational magic into your conversations.
  • Your practice will transform in ways that will surprise and delight you
  • You will find more joy and playfulness in your work.