We simply could not have developed this website, The Collab Salon, Online Courses, Higher Education Teaching Topics and other Resources without the help of our partners. Simply put, “It takes a village to create a learning community.” Together we are co-creating working relationships based on Re-authoring Teaching’s five guiding principles. We continue to generate collaborative training ventures with existing and new partners—a whole world of possibilities is emerging, and each partnership is unique. Reach out to us with your ideas!

Our Evolution

From the very beginning, Narrative Practices Adelaide supported our efforts, and embraced online learning as a component of their Certificate Programme.  Along the way, The Taos Institute provided mini-grants to build bridges between social constructionist approaches and narrative therapy, and to support course development.  Narrative Approaches has made many online resources available, and shares our commitment to honor the legacy of David Epston. Other partnerships soon began, as we embarked together on creating online courses, Collab Salons and Higher Education materials. Re-creating Narrative Therapy—our commitment to finding creative ways to support our international peers in translating into their languages and grounding their practice of narrative in local cultural heritage—brings forth many rich conversations and cross-pollination. With Across Narrative Generations: Co-Sparking with Emerging Voices  as one of the hot topics for the new decade, together we are committed to partnership relationships toward sustaining the future of narrative therapy.

Building a Collaborative Training Network

Together we share a commitment to preserve, develop, and extend the legacy of narrative therapy. Our hope is to create a central place to find: 1) training events; 2) online courses;  and 3) narrative training intensives, international diplomas, and apprenticeship programs.

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It is with gratitude that we list the following partners — a list we hope will continue to grow.

Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective

Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective is a nimble affiliation of experienced practitioners engaged in work with persons, couples, families and communities in a wide variety of settings. We share years of interest in practising and sharing what has come to be called Narrative Therapy. All of us have been influenced deeply by the work of Michael White and the teaching of Maggie Carey, Shona Russell and Rob Hall of Narrative Practices Adelaide and Alan Jenkins of NADA. Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective is currently coordinated by Terry Callahan and Sonja Bar-Am. Teachers and practitioners include Terry, Sonja, Mark Byrne and others. Email: [email protected] Web: www.adelaidenarrative.com

Apprenticeship in the Art of Narrative Practice

Have you ever longed to bring the magic of David Epston’s practice into your own? Have you ever sat in wonder at the capacity of such magic filled questions to transport people into new worlds filled with possibility?Immerse yourself in a year-long apprenticeship in David Epston’s narrative therapy practice.
  • You will find your own brilliance as a therapist
  • You will learn how to bring improvisational magic into your conversations.
  • Your practice will transform in ways that will surprise and delight you
  • You will find more joy and playfulness in your work.
Join David Epston, Kay Ingamells and Tom Stone Carlson in an online learning community made up with skilled narrative practitioners from all over the world.

BIPOC Narrative Community

This community is for postmodern therapists and students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and who want to learn more about, deepen their practice, and expand upon Narrative therapy. (We understand that the term "BIPOC" is a politicized/controversial label that originated in North America and there are many other terms that also capture our intended audience (like "global majority" or "culturally/linguistically/ethnically diverse"). We also understand identity is a personal construction impacted by our embodiments as well as social and contextual consensus. So, we invite you, despite the constraints of language, to join our community and share with us new words, worlds, and ideas.

California Family Institute

California Family Institute (CFI) is located in southern California. CFI is a nonprofit organization that was established as a community counseling center that provides desperately needed low-cost counseling services for the community, and for the development of research and training for mental health professionals interested in poststructuralist and postmodern therapy approaches.

Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas

Since 2007 the Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas has been exploring and developing Narrative Practices from Mexico. We are interested in how Narrative Approaches continually develop depending on the contexts it is practiced in. Our work has been formed by the collaborations developed with peasant farmers and indigenous communities in Mexico, with migrant communities in the US and with first nations communities in Canada among others. We have a therapy team that has been responding to a wide range of experience exploring ways to challenge the structures that maintain inequality.  We have designed and coordinate two masters in narrative practice, one with the focus on education and community work, and the other with the enfasis in therapy work. Since 2010 we have been running a year long Diploma Course and have been committed to strengthen  local narrative initiatives in different parts of Mexico, Chile, Spain and Colombia. We are interested in the overlaps of narrative practices in art, activism, cooking, beekeeping, farming, film, crafts and podcast. 


Communa is a Moscow-based project applying narrative practices to organizations and communities. We work in business context with those companies interested in community development. We work with values, career pathing, we do skills trainings based on the idea of scaffolding, we work with culture, we are into any type of community building. We work in any format – including workshops, parties, email and slack – you name it. And we have a deep interest in new formats intersecting business trainings, narrative community work, performance and arts. For more information, join our Facebook Group.

Educational Narratives

Educational Narratives is a CEU provider, licensed through CAMFT. The focus has been for in person Gatherings & Learning Labs in Southern California, but with the pandemic and quarantine in 2020 we began hosting online Gatherings &Learning Labs. Since 2015 there have been large annual (more than 100 attendees) PoMo Gatherings and many smaller Learning Labs each year. There has been an emphasis on keeping the fees as low as possible so that these events are financially accessible for those entering the profession. (You can subscribe to our infrequent newsletter). For further information, please contact Kathie Adams & Stephen Burton at [email protected]gmail.com.

There is also the POMO Therapists Group on Facebook that we host, please join the Facebook group if that would be of interest.

Evanston Family Therapy Center (EFTC)

Evanston Family Therapy Center provides workshops, consultation and supervision for people interested in learning to practice narrative therapy and community work.We keep our in-person and online training groups small so that we can tailor our teaching to participants’ contexts and interests, and so that we can adjust our pace to individual learning styles. Our ongoing programs are primarily taught by Jill Freedman and Gene Combs, who work closely with every group member.


KRAI is a team of narrative practitioners, united with an intent to support and develop the ideas and values of narrative approach in russian-speaking context. We conduct a one year teaching program of narrative therapy and community work, as well as other events - lectures, reading-groups, community meetings, supervision and workshops of international teachers, both online and offline in Moscow. We are trying to bring some recent philosophy, feminist and activist perspectives in order to continue practicing in current political situation, especially in response to the repressiveness and abusiveness of russian government. Since the beginning of the war we speak out against it and offer free support for those who suffer from the effects of it.


Narraventures accompanies groups, teams, individuals to help them reconnect with what has meaning and purpose for them, collectively and individually. Based in Paris and Biarritz, France, we offer activities in other parts of Europe  such as our resourcing workshop in the Azores in May. We  invite you to explore different adventures in the « narrative » mode and , to rediscover and reclaim the «rights of authorship” to your life, to rekindle your curiosity and your excitement  your life and where it’s going.

Narrative Counseling Center

Located in Los Angeles, Narrative Counseling Center provides strength-based psychotherapy services for individuals, families and couples seeking access to preferred experiences in life. Founded by Charley Lang and Lucy Cotter, NCC also offers training and supervision for interns and colleagues eager to continue engaging the practices of narrative therapy in their professional and personal lives.  narrativecounselingcenter.com

Narrative Imaginings on Patreon

Extending an invitation to you to meet Poh Lin Lee in the in-between spaces - the relational space between ourselves and our practices, projects and endeavours. "On Patreon, I am creating and sharing crafted exercises, questions and content to accompany and nourish you in your practices whether they be therapeutic, personal, creative, educational, informal, alone or collective, project based or day-to-day. Through videos, live online sessions and collaborations, I look forward to see what emerges when we can be less constrained by institutional shape and held more accountable to co-constructing as a community. If this resonates and you'd like to both support me and explore your practice closely please come across to my page to find out more."

Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD)

Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD) is a non-profit counseling, training and research center in San Diego, California. We provide collaborative, culturally-competent and affordable mental health services to low-income, uninsured, underserved and marginalized populations. As a training center and mental health organization, founded close to two decades ago, our mission has had three areas of focus:
  1. To provide access to affordable therapy services to clients of diverse abilities, cultures, genders, religions, sexual orientations, socio-economic levels and documentation statuses
  2. To provide Narrative Therapy training, supervision and support for marriage and family therapists
  3. To conduct research to promote and expand upon mental health principles and practices which contribute to individual and community wellbeing, both locally and globally.

Narrative Practices Adelaide

Narrative Practices Adelaide was the centre (originally called “Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre) that Michael White established in Adelaide, South Australia in January 2008, a few months before his sad and untimely death. They have a strong desire to continue with Michael’s aims and intentions in a way that would fit with his sentiment – to create a small, vibrant centre that collaborates with other centres and that acknowledges the rich and varied history of Michael’s work. NPA provides counselling services to the community, and training workshops on a range of topics relevant to work with individuals, couples, families, groups and communities. Maggie Carey, Shona Russell and Rob Hall closed NPA in 2018. For further information: https://narrativepractices.com.au/  

Narrative Practices India

Narrative Practices India is a collective that is exploring narrative ideas and practices in diverse contexts with the hope to nurture collective accountability and explore possibilities of preferred ways of being. Our activities include offering both long term training and shorter workshops for those interested in exploring narrative ideas and practices. Workshops are available for people new to narrative practice and for practitioners who wish to extend the skills they are already using. In addition we offer support through one-on-one and group supervision to individual practitioners and organisations who are exploring narrative practices in their work.  


PRANAS Chile is an initiative to link lives, stories and knowledge of practitioners that work with individuals and collectives, using narrative approaches originated by Michael White & David Epston. Our hope is to construct a space for sharing and disseminating Spanish narratives ideas and for considering applications in our own local contexts.

Narrative Therapy Initiative (NTI)

Narrative Therapy Initiative  (NTI) exists to contribute to a more socially just world where all people are valued and committed to doing relationship in respectful and accountable ways.  We are particularly committed to make professional helping practices more socially just, collaborative, and effective.  We currently find a Narrative Worldview offers us an orientation to participate in relationships in ways that best align with our social justice ethics and values.  Thus, all NTI initiatives are committed to teaching and living narrative ideas one question at a time.

Re-Authoring Teaching

Re-authoring Teaching is a global learning community of narrative therapy practitioners, teachers, and enthusiasts. We offer training and professional development in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work.  Our Narrative training includes The Collab Salon, Online CoursesFaculty Offerings,Workshops & Narrative Camp, and Higher Education. We design our multi-media learning resources  for practice, reflection, replenishment and community building, such as our Youtube Channel, 11 Hot Topics and 1 Burning Topic for the New Decade and various Audio Playlists. We seek to embody a spirit of collaboration and community by being such a community, and we invite you to join us in preserving, developing, and extending the legacy of narrative therapy. LEARN MORE and Meet Our Board Sign up here for our Newsletter.


In the post-pandemic era we create safe spaces for people to reconnect with selves, others and the world. We develop corporate workshops and private programs that facilitate (re)connection. Our work is a contemporary blend of narrative approach, embodiment, art therapy, improv theater and t-groups elements. It is grounded in the trends research that we’ve been doing since March 2020. Our trend report is available upon request at http://reconnect.today/reconnectresearch/


SIMCHA RECOVERY offer a non residential community based narrative therapy addiction recovery program in Pretoria, South Africa. SIMCHA CARE is a therapeutic group resource for loved ones affected by addiction. This year we are launching SIMCHA TEEN which caters for younger folk struggling with addictions.

Sparkling Counseling & Consulting Services (Hong Kong)

Sparkling Counseling & Consulting Services (Hong Kong) originated from the space of “Narrative Practice Valley Village” with online resources and experience sharing in blog, video, podcast format. We provide counseling in a narrative approach in Hong Kong for individuals, families, groups by a team of narrative practitioners. In addition, we offer in-person and online training, workshops supervision in Cantonese and Mandarin for people interested in narrative practice and community work.  Our ongoing training and supervisions are primarily taught by experienced narrative practice instructors in Hong Kong. For more information, visit our website.

The Taos Institute

The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value. We are committed to exploring, developing and disseminating ideas and practices that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative processes in families, communities and organizations around the world. We achieve our educational ends through conferences, workshops, publications, a PhD and Masters program, a distance learning program, newsletters, and web-based offerings.

Terapia Narrativa

Terapia Narrativa promotes and disseminates the narrative practice in Brazil in continuous dialogue with the international narrative communities, linking people, stories and works globally. As an aggregating environment of initiatives, they are inspired by collaborative and post-structuralist approaches and, in particular, by the narrative practices originally developed by Michael White and David Epston.

Trame Narrative

Trame Narrative offers psychological counseling and individual, couple and family therapy in a systemic/narrative approach in Sion, Switzerland.


The Ummeed Child Development Center  is one of the premier non-profit organizations in India working with children with disabilities. You can read about more about additional collaborations with the Ummeed Mental Health Team and Narrative Practices Adelaide here. Their new training center offers a range of training options with a strong foundation in principles and practices of Narrative Therapy.