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This community project builds on one of Michael White and David Epston’s steadfast intentions: Strengthening a Collaborative Narrative Network.  We wish to recognize the Dulwich Centre  for its central role in developing narrative approaches to therapy and community work, training, publishing, and supporting practitioners in different parts of the world.  In the spirit of communities in connection (rather than individuals in competition), our vision is to bring together a network of independent narrative training initiatives around the world  that share the commitment to preserve, develop, and extend the legacy of narrative therapy.  Together with our partners, we aspire to create a central place to find, coordinate and support high quality independent narrative trainings around the world : 1) training events; 2) online courses;  and 3) narrative training intensives, international diplomas, and apprenticeship programs.

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NOTE: This project is a work in progress. We are very interested in hearing from you. Is this useful to you? What might make it better? Please contact us!

Our Partners

Learn more of the history of these collaborations, and to see our list of current partners. As you’ll see, we feature- and place at the top – several new narrative programs from around the world.

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Rich Story Development in Action: 3 Live Interviews with Maggie Carey

Sponsor: Re-authoring Teaching

Instructor: Maggie Carey

NEW COURSE! This five-lesson course demonstrates what a narrative interview actually looks like in practice. Each interview, illustrated on a whiteboard, shows key narrative principles in action, and specific interviewing skills guided by maps of narrative practice.  Reflections throughout by skillful narrative practitioners and teachers from around of the world. 10 Alliant CE credits.


An Introduction to Rich Story Development

Sponsor: Re-authoring Teaching

Instructor: Maggie Carey

This online course—the first in our Rich Story Development series—offers a clear, concise and down-to-earth journey into topics about story development, including the narrative metaphor, landscapes of stories, double listening, loitering with intent, mapping meaning and action, personal agency, listening for resonance, making links, and neurobiology. Organized into six lessons. 12 Alliant CE Credits.


Escaping Blame: Helping couples develop account-ability

Sponsor: Re-author