Rich Story Development Series

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Rich Story Development in Action:

3 Live Interviews with Maggie Carey

Course Description

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills? This five lesson course – the second course in our Rich Story Development series- begins where we left off in the course, An Introduction to Rich Story Development by demonstrating what a narrative interview actually looks like in practice. We look closely at three interviews with interviewer Maggie Carey in front of a live audience at All Souls Gathering in Shelburne, Vermont. Workshop participants reflect on and engage their own rich story development questions, and are also invited to ask Maggie questions about her questioning.

Each interview, illustrated on a whiteboard, shows key narrative principles in action, and specific interviewing skills guided by maps of narrative practice. Workshop participants are also involved through reflecting teamwork,  and responses to questions to Maggie about why she went the way she did in each interview. After reviewing the edited interviews, a small group of skillful narrative practitioners  and teachers from around of the world, each of whom has trained extensively with Maggie, come together to take a close look at what stands out to them.

Narrative therapy rests on the belief that we become who we are through relationship and meaning-making through interactions with each other. Having constructed this course during the pandemic, we are also sensitive to many therapists, coaches, teachers and students expressing being “zoomed out.”  Rather than scheduling additional online meetings, we made the entire course self-paced. Each of the three interview-based lessons ends with an exercise with questions to ponder. We strongly recommend finding at least one other person with whom to take the course and share your responses. Ideally, take this course as part of a local study group or use it as a way to bring together a new group. Alternatively, please Contact us if you would like help finding a Study-Buddy; keep in mind it will easier for us to do so if you have registered at a time when others are also registering such as during the Early Bird period.

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We believe this course and its three interviews make excellent teaching materials for graduate training programs  Please contact us for an institutional rate if you wish to use these materials for other than personal use.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding of an overall map of narrative practice that links various micro-practices of narrative therapy
  2. Synthesize an understanding of and engagement with rich story development
  3. Understand the importance of detailed inquiry in achieving rich story development
  4. Identify the process of rich story development through witnessing the visual mapping of conversations
  5. Demonstrate an ability to engage rich story development through reflecting team practices.


Maggie Carey

In this course, Maggie Carey demonstrates narrative interviewing practices that she learned as a close associate of Michael White, co-founder of  narrative therapy. Maggie was a founding member of Narrative Practices Adelaide, the center Michael started in 2008, just a few months before his untimely death. Alongside her colleagues Shona Russell and Rob Hall, she was  involved in the teaching of narrative therapy and community work for many years, both in Australia and internationally. Prior to the establishment of NPA, Maggie was a cherished member of the Dulwich Centre teaching faculty. Now retired, Maggie thoroughly enjoys engaging with her home, gardens, family and community in Adelaide, S. Australia.

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