The Collab Salon 1.0 – Cultivating Collaborative Community

The first generation of the Collab Salon met informally via Zoom from 2015 – 2023. The above recording of the November 2018 gathering with Sasha Pilkington illustrates what became possible, as each Collab Salon focused on a different theme as starter dough for an invigorating conversation. Together we built a learning community where collaborative relationships and friendships grew across borders and ages! Each session was recorded and is now available to Collab Salon members through our Library of Past Salons. Here is a glimpse what made this monthly meeting so special.

If you’re new to the Collab Salon, it’s not too late to benefit from the community’s collective energy over the past nine years! Join now and gain access to all the previous recordings from our Library of Past Salons and earn CE credits for each of the last four years of the Collab Salon series. Non-members can choose to rent a featured video.

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The Collab Salon 2.0 – The NextGen Collaboratory

The second generation of the Collab Salon was imagined into the NextGen Collaboratory starting in May 2024. This expansion and refinement of the Collab Salon experiment carries forward in the spirit of community practice and connection around the world, bringing together practitioners of all kinds to learn from one another and evolve the next generation of narrative practice. Read here about our Endings and New Beginnings, Learnings from the Collab Salon, and what has evolved from the practice into this new iteration of the idea.

Endings & New Beginnings
Learnings from the Collab Salon
NextGen Collaboratory

The NextGen Collaboratory introduces new online Padlets that allow participants to interact with others around particular themes. See below for a recent living document from a current Collaboratory.

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