Meet the Members of Re-Authoring Teaching’s New Board!

Reauthoring Teaching is different.  It’s is more than a website.  It is more than a portal to narrative therapy training and writings. It is more than a source of CEUs.  It is a chance to be in community with peers from all over the spectrum: young and old, near and far, richly different from each other while having the ethics of narrative practice in common.  Whether you’re an excited novice seeking guidance or senior clinician in need of inspiration, chances are you will find it here.  I look forward to our learning together.  -Larry Zucker, President

Larry Zucker
Charley Lang
Vice President
Dean Lobovits
Kathie Adams
Kathie Adams
Peggy Sax
Executive Director
Gerald Monk
Rocio Ocampo-Giancola
Lynne Rosen
Akansha Vaswani