Re-Authoring Teaching’s public YouTube channel offers free glimpses of some of our rich online content. We are constantly adding new free videos, organized in playlists influenced by the 12 Hot Topics. Each video gives glimpses of rich online content from Narrative Camp, workshops, glimpses into our online courses, and presentations recorded by our partners. We’re constantly working to add new videos, so check the channel often!

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Check out these highlights from our playlists:
What is Narrative Therapy?

Watch these short and sweet videos to get a feel for narrative approaches.

Re-Authoring Teaching News

Check here for updates on what we’re up to at Re-Authoring Teaching.

The “Why Narrative Therapy?” Project

Watch these for reflections on what it’s like to be a narrative therapist.

Integrating a Variety of Approaches

Learn about combining narrative with other modalities and approaches.

Narrative Practices Around the World

Hear from the global community engaging with narrative practices.

Michael White’s Legacy

Experience the inspiration of narrative therapy’s late co-founder.