Narrative Practices Around the World: Intercultural Considerations

Narrative ideas and practices that began in Australia and New Zealand have now spread to many countries throughout the Americas, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. What are some of the innovations emerging as practitioners apply narrative therapy to different culture, context and meanings? What kinds of questions do people in different cultures voice as they step into their cultural identities, and strive to make narrative therapy into their own?

Narrative Practices Around the World: Inter-cultural Considerations

Tuning Team

Jehanzeb Baldiwala (Mumbai/Bombay India); Elena Baskina (Moscow & New York),  Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (Coordinator: Bordeaux, France); Charlie Charlie Crettenand  (Sion, Switzerland); Amy Druker (Toronto, Canada); Michael Giancola (San Diego, USA); Sumie Ishikawa (Kitakyushu,Japan); Ada Kot (Hong Kong); Charley Lang (Los Angeles, USA); marcela polanco (Bogotá, Columbia & San Diego USA); Peggy Sax (Middlebury Vermont USA); Maria/Masha Tiunova (Moscow, Russia), Kitty Thatcher (Australia/Chile); Akansha Vaswani (Bombay, India & Boston USA); Larry Zucker (Los Angeles)
Discussion Forum

Together Enduring COVID-19

Originally we created this Discussion Forum as an extension of the  Narrative Practices Around the World: Intercultural Considerations Hot topic to continue conversation among narrative practitioners across cultures and countries. However not that we are living worldwide with a pandemic, our priorities have changed.  Please join us as we develop our emerging topics  as we learn as we go how to endure COVID-19 together

Discussion Forum