PLEASE NOTE: Remember to check  your time on a world clock and daylight savings time changes before joining us!
The Collab Salon is a monthly webinar where online presenters and members from around the world meet together informally in real time. Our Zoom meetings always occur at 4 pm (New York time) on the third Sunday of the month, and at each Salon, we focus on a different theme as a starter dough for invigorating conversation.   Our meetings last 1.5 hours. Events are recorded and then become available on-demand afterward to all Collab Salon members including anyone not able to join in real time. All members are encouraged to share reflections, follow-up materials, and ideas for future Salons.

2023 Series with 18 Approved Alliant CEs!

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Check out The 2023 Monthly Schedule!

We are grateful beyond words to all our presenters who donate their time, and expertise. Together we are creating a collaboratory! Please join us live on Zoom or watch the recording later! Presenters from different parts of the world include Poh Lin Lee (Quebec City, Canada), Jenny Freeman (Berkeley USA), Merle Conyer (Sydney, Australia), Sarah Beth Hughes (Nelson, BC, Canada), SuEllen Hamkins (Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, Lynne Rosen (Passadina USA) Navid Zamani (San Diego USA),  Walter Bera (Austin Texas USA), Maggie Carey (Adelaide, Australia), David Epston (Auckland, New Zealand), Peggy Sax (Vermont USA), Akansha Vaswani-Bye (Seattle USA), Rocio Ocampo-Giancola (San Diego, USA), Elena Grebenyuk & Marat Khachatryan (Moscow-Lisbon), Kay Ingamells (Auckland, NZ), Julie Welkowitz, Diane Gottlieb, Linda Wackerman, Krista Reinke, Linda Li (Burlington Vermont, USA), Piper Clyborne & Marcy Rivas (Seattle, Washington), Ava Elmzadeh (Southern California, USA), Amy Druker (Toronto, Canada) and Ian Percy (Perth, Australia)!

What’s It like?

The Collab Salon is like opening a window wider, leaning out, and seeing more of the landscape around me. I’m online so much for my work that I really appreciate the shorter Collab sessions – plenty of time to exchange with folx I would not normally meet from around the world without zoom fatigue fallout.

I HIGHLY recommend any practitioners who want great Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to join Collab Salon, the monthly webinars have great presenters and the online software used rarely has glitches, even logging in from Australia.

Have you been wondering what happens on a Collab Salon? Check out our Youtube Channel  to watch our November 2018 Salon when Sasha Pilkington gave an excellent presentation on Virtue Inquires at the End-of-Life. For subtitles, click on “CC” just below the video.


Seven reasons you should join us:

  1. The Collab Salon is a place where members can meet informally in real time with others with common interests and commitments.
  2. Together we explore fresh ideas and practices with presenters from around the world.
  3. We are committed to technology and learning principles that support rather than dominate lively conversation.
  4. Our annual membership fee is only $120 (and less for students/folks on fixed incomes)!
  5. It is now easy to find Past and Upcoming Salons according to Presenters name and/or “Hot Topics.”
  6. Collab members can earn 18 Alliant CE credits for attending – or watching- all 12 Collabs in a calendar year.
  7. Becoming a Re-Authoring Teaching member also offers narrative training discounts and the opportunity to support the ongoing development of our online courses, YouTube channel and other resources.

How do we meet online?

We use Zoom – a cloud meeting company offering excellent video, audio and screen-sharing quality across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or telephone. For instructions for getting started, simply click here. Our Zoom plan has the capacity for up to 100 interactive video or audio participants. In 2018, we added break-out rooms that give opportunities for smaller group discussions.

What is included in a Re-Authoring Teaching Membership?

An annual membership to Re-Authoring Teaching includes:

  • All the benefits of The Collab Salon Membership to join our monthly real-time meetings on a cloud, access our growing library of current and past Collab Salons, with the option to earn Alliant CE credit.
  • Additional Narrative Training Discounts for Online CoursesFaculty Offerings, and Workshops
  • Opportunity to support the development of future online courses, YouTube Videos, and other resources

How Do I Become a Re-Authoring Teaching Member?

An annual membership gives you access to a whole world of  Collab Salon Conversation.

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