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Resources is where to come whenever you are looking for an article, video, audio, or website links. Re-authoring Teaching draws from the many excellent open source learning materials now available online. We take seriously copyright permission for published journal articles and book chapters. Whenever possible (always with permission), we post authors’ manuscripts; at other times we simply give a citation and instructions for how participants can access their own copies.

Some of our materials are restricted to subscribers to The Collab Salon or registrants for a particular course or training program. However, many of the resources listed here have free access!

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Our YouTube Channel

Check out Re-Authoring Teaching’s public YouTube channel, where you can find free videos on various topics related to narrative practices.
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Curated Resources

Our Curated Resources bring together Re-authoring Teaching multi-media materials and selected additional resources to explore a particular theme. One-by-one, we aim to convert our collected resources into themed pages. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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Resources By Topic

Narrative Therapy Websites

There are a number of excellent narrative therapy websites and training programs. As soon as we begin to list resources, we run the risk of leaving out others. Our intention is to bring together a variety of materials, which can be easily found.  Please be sure to also check out Our Partners.


Dulwich Center

Maggie Carey, Rob Hall, and Shona Russell

Narrative Practices Adelaide

Evanston Family Therapy Center

Evanston Family Therapy Center

Narrative Approaches