Together Enduring COVID-19 – Events and Resources

Together we are united around the world in facing the current health crisis. Each community – local and global -strives to come together to harness its unique skills, knowledge and experiences. What might Reauthoring Teaching contribute? The offerings on this website draw from our sensibilities and skill set as narrative practitioners, as well as our experiences in online learning, community building and neighborly ways of being. Please think of this endeavor as in progress as we aspire to bring together special events and offerings. There is an easy to use contribution form at the bottom of the page. Please join us!

Together Enduring Covid-19: Events and Resources

Team of Curators: Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, Charlie Crettenand, Peggy Sax, Kitty Thatcher, Ada Kot & Amy Druker

Over the past decade, our online learning community has developed a number of guiding principles. Before proceeding, please review our About tab and in particular:  Narrative LuminariesGuiding Learning Principles, Using the internet in productive & socially responsible ways, and Intercultural considerations. As we bring together offerings, we aspire to act congruently with these principles. What do we already know and have in place that might be useful to others? Please think of these offerings as a work in progress. Thank you to Our Board as well as our Narrative Practices Around the World tuning team for all your supports in getting this endeavor off the ground.

Planetary problem, galactic solidarity

Of course, none of us could have foreseen that we would face a global pandemic when we started creating this friendly conversation around the world. Initially we just wanted to talk about the differences and similarities of narrative ideas when they migrate and reincarnate in different cultures. We found on Reauthoring Teaching a common house, a watering hole where everyone can come to drink and quench their thirst for discussion and exchange.

 Also, when COVID 19 hit the planet, we naturally continued to exchange messages of solidarity, encouragement, and information about the reality of the experience we live in our different contexts.  To see how our narrafriends resist and to be inspired by their skills and knowledges against the pandemic is a continuation of this common conversation.

When I say “us,” I am referring to what we humorously called the Galactic Federation of Narrative Planets, a small group of people who live in different countries and time zones and share friendship, respect and curiosity about each other’s practices. We had begun to invent a common language by tinkering with Imperial English to color it with all our nuances and accents.  Today, in the face of an unprecedented, traumatic situation, we wish to welcome all our colleagues who love narrative ideas in this undertaking of common construction of meaning and connection. We welcome you to share your ideas, your feelings, your indignations, your unique outcomes, your magic spells, your moments of poetry, your wonderfulnesses… and everything that is important to you in this very particular -and tragic but not only- moment of our lives.


Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, Bordeaux France: On Behalf of the Galactic Federation of Narrative Planets