The following are cherished Narrative Tenets. These principles represent the broader philosophy that guides our work and orients us as reflective practitioners to do our best to “Walk the Talk.” They are like luminaries that can help guide usin our work and through darkness. Is there something you would like to add? Please send us your ideas through our Contact link. We are sincerely interested in your responses!

We value transparency, honesty and vulnerability in communication; we also want to be mindful of times when transparency may be used as an excuse to be cruel or thoughtless.

We believe that the words we speak- or type- create our realities. We hope to honor the power and sacredness of words in all of our online interactions with one another.

While we aim to constantly remain respectful and compassionate towards all viewpoints, we know that we are never able to be fully neutral. We will stand up for values which we believe in, especially when they are being threatened.



We want to especially be conscious of dynamics of power and how they play out in our communications, who ends up being marginalized or disempowered, and what voices get heard or silenced.


A posture of curiosity helps us avoid foreclosing on meanings. Without curiosity, we lapse into proclamations of certainty, which have the effect of silencing alternate perspectives. Curiosity keeps us open to continuing the conversation and to the endless unforeseen constructive possibilities afforded by ongoing dialogue.

We are constantly co-creating our own growth and learning. We know that we all exist in relation to one another, and that the effects we have on each other can be profound. We value a culture of collaboration where multiple voices and viewpoints are invited to participate, and all are welcomed with openness.