Teaching & Supervision

Are you teaching at an academic institution, offering narrative trainings in your communities and/or providing narrative training to other practitioners?  A number of our Partners, Workshop Presenters, Narrative Online Faculty and Educators Camp participants are interested in building a supportive network and narrative practice resource library available to higher education teachers and institutions. Please join us if you seek inspiration, information and resources for your teaching, training and supervision.

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For Narrative Educators

In June 2017, a group of Narrative Educators came together on the shores of Lake Champlain to explore innovative topics in teaching narrative therapy. We’re growing our network to bring together a community of educators co-creating the teaching collaboratory behind the Educators Portal. This portal will build off of the spirit and ideas of the Vermont gathering of educators by providing a generative and supportive space for inspiration, conversation and resources specifically for those involved in narrative therapy teaching and education. For further information ab