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Re-authoring Teaching, Inc. is a consortium of narrative practice teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world who promote training and professional development in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work. The term, “Re-authoring Teaching” is a play on the term “Re-authoring Conversations” that Michael White and David Epston coined in their original description of narrative therapy. As a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization, our collaborative venture shares expertise through training opportunities and online learning resources designed for practice, reflection, replenishment and community building. We seek to embody that spirit of collaboration and community by being such a community, and we invite you to join us in preserving, developing, and extending the legacy of narrative therapy.

What Do We Offer?

Peggy Sax, Executive Director

Peggy Sax,
Executive Director

Re-authoring Teaching, Inc. draws from the best of our teaching experiences and everyday practices as narrative practitioners with a focus on skill-building and application in a range of contexts.  Our Partners and Narrative  Faculty and Narrative Educators Network provide professional development, continuing education, training and education for many mental health and health care disciplines such as psychologists, clinical mental health counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychiatrists.

  • Our Vermont Workshopsotherwise known as Refreshing the spirit of the work gatherings-  take advantage of our beautiful Vermont location to create rigorous and lively learning experiences where participants can further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others, while savoring an environment offering panoramic views, good company, and outdoor splendors.
  • The Collab Salon brings together members from across geographic distance to build a global learning community that transcends geography, professional status, and other differences. By chipping in $100 for the annual membership fee, members help us maintain and build an array of online resources – The Collab Salon, Conversation Forums and online courses.
  • Our online platform -as described on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page –  is user friendly, easy to navigate, interactive, self paced  and adaptable to portable devices.
  • Our Continuing Education courses follow five principles outlined in the book Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory to consult with each other, bring multiple voices into our teaching and learning, and learn about life experiences from people who seek our services.
  • Our narrative therapy resources  draws from the many excellent open source learning materials now available online. Please remember us whenever you are looking for an article, video, audio, or website links. Some of our materials are restricted to subscribers to The Collab Salon or registrants for a particular course or training program. However, everyone has free access to the resources listed under The Resources tab on the top menu.
  • Higher Education brings together Our Partners and Narrative Faculty to build a supportive network, teaching materials and narrative practice resource library available to higher education institutions. We are eager to launch For Narrative Educators  -a generative and supportive space for inspiration, conversation, resources for those involved in narrative therapy teaching and education.

Get involved!

If you believe in our mission:

Join our monthly real-time meetings on zoom with access to archived materials, and The Conversation Lounge (a  streamlined, user-friendly version of our previous Conversation Forum). Our annual membership costs only $100. Become a member and then spread the news to others. Every membership helps us further develop our resources. Sometimes members surprise us by adding a tax deductible donation to their subscription fee.

Several courses are now available for registration. Others are in development. These courses are a great way to learn, meet others and earn CE credit. Register and then encourage others to join you.  Help us think creatively how we might adapt these courses to different contexts.

Our Vermont workshops bring together nature, rigorous practice, outdoor adventures, good food and good company. We do our best to help individuals and groups find cottage rentals on Lake Champlain to enjoy “narrative camp” for the entire week. These gatherings are ideal for retreat, relaxation, stimulating conversation, catching up with colleagues & old friends, and embarking on shared projects.Unfortunately, these gatherings were put on pause at the start of the pandemic. Next steps for in person gatherings have not yet been determined.

Check out our vision for how Re-authoring Teaching is growing as a higher education resource. Contact us if you are an administrator, faculty, researcher or student who might contribute to making this vision become a reality.

Check out our Facebook page, ‘like’ us, and help us develop our social network.

Perhaps you have a skill to offer? Do you know a graduate student yearning for a meaningful project? We are especially in need of computer savvy folks with time for video and audio editing, creating subtitles, and other technological skills. Sign up to volunteer your services
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As a 501(3)c non-profit organization, we can now accept donations. We guarantee we will put your money to good use to promote training, professional development and continuing education in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work. No donation is too small — or too large! All donations are tax deductible.
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Our Founding Board of Directors  2014 – 2017

Board of Directors

With deep gratitude to our illustrious founding Board of Directors:

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