Many people who come to our June Vermont workshops stay for the entire week in  cottage rentals on Lake Champlain. We help find cottages that soon become filled with a blend of consultation groups, individuals, couples and families from around the world. Over the years, this experience of shared living by the lake has affectionately taken on the name, Narrative Camp.  We purposely schedule Our Workshops and organized gatherings with days in between to allow space for restoration:  kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sharing meals, yoga by lakeside, watching glorious sunsets and hanging out talking on lake-side verandas.

The Spirit of Narrative Camp

Narrative Camp takes advantage of our beautiful Vermont location with participants living side-by-side in cottage rentals on Thompson’s Point (Charlotte) on Lake Champlain. We strive to create rich learning experiences where participants can further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others while experiencing outdoor living, shared meals and lively conversation. Our scheduled program also allows space for restoration:  kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sharing meals, yoga by lakeside watching naps, glorious sunsets and hanging out talking on lake-side verandas.

We welcome intergenerational conversations. Everyone benefits from these inspiring exchanges that level the playing field, bringing together teachers and students, seasoned and early career voices. Together our participants share a commitment to sustaining the future of narrative practice, and thereby document many of our lived-in experiences, ideas, knowledges and skills. We then create videos for Our Youtube channel as well as materials for our future Educators Portal.

Visitors to Narrative Camp have come from India, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Australia, New Zealand – as well as from across Canada and the USA. In addition to attending workshops, we reserve a number of cottage rentals on Lake Champlain for the entire week. Watch this brief youtube that captures the spirit of Narrative Camp 2017.

Voices from Across the Globe & Diverse Communities

Over the years, our participants in Narrative Camps have included narrative enthusiasts, practitioners and teachers from countries/continents around the world: Australia, Belgium India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Spain, – as well as from across Canada and the USA. We strive to create informal space to share and disseminate knowledge and practices, while simultaneously honoring the unique features of local culture and language.  Teleconferencing makes it possible for some people who cannot join us in person to still participate. This Youtube Video gives a glimpse at what we can co-create together from across the world in a Narrative Camp context.

At our first Narrative Educators Camp, Danielle Drake locates herself as a first generation African-American Californian. She describes being raised within a family of matriarchs, and how their wisdom has shaped her approach to teaching within the Creative Arts Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Oakland, California.

Narrative Camp Photos

Narrative Camp 2016

Spending a week together gives lots of opportunities for shared experiences.

People from different countries share cottages, which we give names like The Russian House or The India House.

We cook and then eat meals together.

Kayaking anyone?

Morning Yoga by Lakeside


Evening Communal dinners and Conversations at The Red House

Weather permitting, we experience some of the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. Every night is different!

Most of all, it’s a week for building community, finding solidarity, savoring connections and deepening friendships.

Join Us!

Please contact us  as soon as possible if you -and or your group- would like to join us for Narrative Camp 2017. We’ll do our best to find you a cottage!