Many people who came to our Vermont workshops stayed for the entire week in cottage rentals on Lake Champlain. We helped to find cottages that soon became filled with a blend of consultation groups, individuals, couples and families from around the world. Over the years, this experience of shared living by the lake has affectionately taken on the name, Narrative Camp.

Making Videos

In addition to making music and connections, Narrative Camp was also a place where we made videos. We recorded our workshops for future online courses. And we also recorded conversations that we then edited into Youtube Videos. We made over 50 videos! Check out above where we showcase a featured video as well as 20 of the videos on  The Vermont Narrative Camp Playlist. You can find the entire Vermont Narrative Camp Playlist on our Reauthoring Teaching Youtube channel.

Lasting Memories

Narrative Camp took advantage of our beautiful Vermont location with participants living side-by-side in cottage rentals on Thompson’s Point (Charlotte) on Lake Champlain. We strove to create rich learning experiences where participants could further develop skills in narrative approaches in collaboration with others while experiencing outdoor living, shared meals and lively conversation. Our scheduled program also allowed space for restoration:  kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sharing meals, yoga by lakeside watching naps, glorious sunsets and hanging out talking on lake-side verandas.

We welcomed conversations across generations and cultures. We hope everyone benefited from these inspiring exchanges that level the playing field, bringing together teachers and students, seasoned and early career voices. Together our participants shared a commitment to sustaining the future of narrative practice, and thereby document many of our lived-in experiences, ideas, knowledges and skills.

Remembering Narrative Camp

Our workshops and Narrative Camps brought together practitioners and teachers from all over the world drawn to informal opportunities for practice, reflection and replenishment. Check out Remembering  Narrative Camp to get a taste of photos and videos, or take a look on our Past Workshops in order to know about teachers and topics ranging from: emerging approaches to narrative practices, responding to trauma, hope and beauty, magic, ethical resistance, and of course, refreshing the spirit of the work.