Endings and New Beginnings

Remembering the Collab Salon

with Charley Lang, Peggy Sax, Larry Zucker and MANY cherished presenters and participants

Sharing Hidden Treasures Across Narrative Generations 

Endings and new beginnings invite reflection. While we participate in this year’s remaining Collab Salons and prepare for our upcoming Next Gen series, please join us in remembering the Collab Salon.

Since 2015, we’ve been using Zoom to meet informally in real time for 1.5 hours on the third Sunday of the month (New York time). Each session has focused on a different theme relating to narrative practice. At first, we featured presentations by well-known narrative teachers. Over time, we discovered diverse emerging voices from around the world with fresh ideas who embrace a spirit of discovery, adventure, and generativity.

With deepening understandings of intercultural considerations, differences and accountability, we are thrilled to have featured about 100 presenters with presentations across narrative generations, around the world. We are proud of the community we have co-created. We also are ready for a change that celebrates new generations of narrative practitioners, co- learning from each other about foundational and emerging contemporary narrative practices.

Each Collab presentation was recorded and added as that month’s Collab, along with materials for further interest. By now, we’ve accrued over nine years of excellent presentations all of which Re-Authoring Teaching Members can access through the Library of Past Salons.  Members can also easily search according to Keywords, Presenter’s name and/or “Hot Topics.”   While we welcome everyone to become a Collab Salon member, we understand not everyone wishes to do so.  Thus we created this easy way to rent a video of choice.  Members can also login to easily access any of these featured videos and their associated web pages, and earn 18 Alliant CE credits for each of the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 annual Collab series.

With heartfelt gratitude to all who have presented and participated in the Collab Salon!

Since January 2015, we have recorded each month’s Collab Salon when we focused on a different theme. Members can review archived materials from past Salons here.

Library of Past Salons

Members can log in to easily access any of these featured videos and their associated web pages. Visitors can rent a past Collab recording of choice.

Featured Collab Recordings

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