My practice is deeply informed by narrative therapy and additionally inclusive of somatic, ecological, contemplative, physiological and energetic wisdoms. Through the Collab Salons I am connecting with people who similarly share an appreciation for interweaving diverse ways of knowing, doing and being, and for this I feel really grateful.

The Collab Salon workshops are a gift in advancing narrative ideas in therapy. The quality of the material offered by the presenters is truly inspiring. The accessibility of the material and the intimate setting that is created on this platform makes the experience so welcoming to learn new ideas and insights on narrative work.  Participants have direct access to the presenters to share your own thoughts and ask even basic questions without feeling shamed. I love the Collab Salon!

During a time of political divisiveness, connecting with narrative therapy enthusiasts from all over the world during the monthly salons engenders a sense of hopefulness. I value having a forum to bring  evolving practices and ideas-in-the-making to the community. These conversations stimulate my thinking, and help to keep my thinking and practices current.

The Collab Salons offer a welcoming space to explore creative ideas and practices in the evolution of narrative therapy. To me they have a profound respect for traditional approaches with an intention to integrate new ways of working so we can respond to the present conditions of our lives. A virtual gathering of practitioners to encourage and inspire all of us.

I had just started practicing narrative approach in business/education and community work when I discovered the Collab Salon. It was so precious to see all the people who I heard of and whose books I read while getting educated in the approach. I was surprised by the inviting and open atmosphere, and every meeting – even very far from my context of practice moved me to new ideas within my context. It is also so different from formal ‘training’ or education – which helped me to develop courses now on different topics in similar format. The Collab Salon is an inspiration and a lot of experience, and it’s just fun to be a part of this community and co-learning process.

Being in a country where the Narrative Community is not well organised and strong, Collab Salon gives me the opportunity to stay connected. The quality and structure of the online courses are outstanding.

Johan Cloete , Narrative Counselor, Gauteng, South Africa

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