Re-Authoring Teaching presents

Next Gen Collab Salon 

A Narrative Therapy Workshop Series

For nearly ten years, we’ve been using Zoom to meet informally in real time for 1.5 hours on the third Sunday of the month (New York time). Each session focuses on a different theme relating to narrative practice. We have also organized Workshops & Narrative Camps that have become important sources of learning, warm memories, and enduring connections across generations and around the world.

We are proud of the community we have co-created. We also are ready for a change that celebrates a new generation of narrative practitioners. Imagine our delight as we discovered new possibilities that bring together our experiences with The Collab Salon and Workshops & Narrative Camp.

December will be our last Collab Salon in its current format. Re-Authoring Teaching members can continue to access the recordings in our Library of Past Salons, and earn 18 APA Approved Alliant CEs for each of the 2021, 2022 or 2023 annual series.

Beginning in  March 2024, The Next Gen Collab Salon will replace our current monthly Collab Salon. With Co-hosts Poh Lin Lee & Akansha Vaswani-Bye,  this series of six bi-monthly 4-hour mini-workshops is founded on our Collab and Workshop learnings. We can hardly wait to share what’s cooking behind the scenes.

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