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  • November 21, 2021
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

How will narrative practice sustain and transform in the coming years and decades? While honoring our mentors, we take delight in the emergence of newer voices within a generation of narrative practitioners. The presence of these “fresh voices’ contributes immeasurably to our learning community, as we co-learn together. Building on the Across Narrative Generations: Co-sparking with emerging voices  Hot Topic for the New Decade, this  Collab Salon will  explore behind the scenes of two Reauthoring Teaching projects: 1) What I learned from my mentor: A community-wide project to build a Youtube playlist that captures learnings from cherished mentors; we hope to inspire others to contribute 2)  Finding our way in Narrative Conversations: Maggie Carey Interviews: A new miniseries based on three edited interviews with three workshop participants (Shelburne Vermont, June 2016), demonstrating specific narrative practices on a whiteboard. Through Reflecting teamwork, questions and responses and a gathering of skillful narrative practitioners from around of the world who trained extensively with Maggie:  Raviraj Shetty & Jehanzeb Baldiwala (Mumbai, India), Alfonzo (Poncho) Diaz (Mexico City, Mexico), Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan and Mark Byrne (Adelaide, S. Australia). Together we inquiry into why Maggie went the way she did in each interview, and how this relates to our own everyday practices.

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