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What is Re-authoring Teaching?

Re-authoring Teaching, Inc. is a consortium of narrative practice teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world who seek to promote training and continuing education in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work. The term, “Re-authoring Teaching” is a play on the term “Re-authoring Conversations” that Michael White and David Epston coined in their original description of narrative therapy.

What is Narrative Training?

Our faculty draws from the best of our teaching experiences and everyday practices as narrative practitioners to provide Workshops, Collab Salons, Online Courses and Higher Education Resources. We focus on skill-building and application in a range of mental health, health care, coaching and community contexts. 

What’s New?

Check out our latest news blog for what’s happening with our online courses (with available CE credit), workshops, The Collab Salon and Higher Education teaching materials. Find our most recent contributions to resources including free videos on our new Re-authoring Teaching Youtube Channel.

New content on our YouTube channel!

We’re always adding new material to our public YouTube channel. See our playlists highlighting conversations with practitioners & teachers. Get glimpses of teacher’s presentations in our Online Series on Rich Story Development, Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet, and Narrative in Action.Join the Re-authoring Teaching Youtube Project as a way to expand the narrative therapy conversation. Be sure to click over and see what gems you can find! Or like our Facebook Page to see videos as they are introduced.

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New online course: Escaping Blame

What would it look like if we could truly escape blame as a way of talking about our lives? What sort of conversation would take its place? Our latest online course, Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-ability with Larry Zucker, LCSW. gives six lessons exploring therapeutic conversations that are possible when Accountability emerges as practice distinct from Blame, and what we can do as therapists to nurture that distinction. As an added bonus, the course includes six optional webinars beginning in September, 2016. 

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Featured Faculty

Lynne V. Rosen, LCSW (Los Angeles, California) has been engaged in therapeutic work for over 25 years in medical, residential, inpatient, community and private practice settings. She found her therapeutic and philosophical home in the early 90’s when she traveled to New York to hear Michael White and David Epston. Most recently, she has focused her attention on integrating Narrative Therapy with EMDR, Somatic Therapies and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with clients who are living with the effects of Trauma, Eating Problems and other difficulties that compromise relational well-being. As a Re-authoring Teaching Faculty Member, Lynne will present two upcoming Collab Salons,  We eagerly await her Vermont workshop on June 12, 2017.

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Narrative Training: Refreshing the Spirit of The Work
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What’s happening this month:

Icons_CECoursesOnline Course Webinar components: some of our credentialed online courses include live webinar lessons, which are recorded for ongoing access within the course.

Collab Salons: each month Collab Salon Members can participate in a live webinar Collab Salon conversation with practitioners and students from around the globe.

Icons_WorkshopsWorkshops: offered a few times each year, in Vermont, Mumbai, and elsewhere, in-person workshos are a great way to reconnect with the work and the people.

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