David Epston Resources

Are you eager for these courses to begin? In anticipation for courses in this series, here are some favorite David Epston resources.

Narrative Approaches

Every time we ask a question, we’re generating a possible version of a life. — David Epston

  Narrative Approaches is an online community, resource and an archive of Narrative Therapy conversations, ideas, inspiration, papers, art-work, poetry, stories, scholarship, and solidarity.  It is also home to the Archive of Resistance, a lifesaving armory of words—fired at anorexia, bulimia, and negative body image in the battle for the sovereignty of mind, body and spirit. It was founded by therapists/archivists Dean Lobovits, Jennifer Freeman, and David Epston.


Where the Buses Don’t Run Yet Curated Resource

Here we have gathered – and curated – a number of David Epston resources. Please keep in mind: This is a very incomplete list! David is a very prolific writer and collaborator, with many projects in development.

Apprenticeship Training in the Art of Narrative Practice



Have you ever found yourself in awe of the magic of the questions of David Epston? Have you ever sat in wonder at the capacity of such magic filled questions to transport people into entirely new worlds filled with possibility? Have you longed to bring the magic of David’s practice into your own? David Epston, Tom Stone Carlson and Kay Ingamells have designed a unique course to serve as an apprenticeship in the artistry of narrative practice. Rather than being taught in a traditional way your learning will happen through an immersive apprenticeship that takes place inside of your own practice. Each month you will present a transcript of your practice which will be studied in detail by your apprenticers (David, Tom or Kay). In their study of your transcript, they will amend your transcript by adding alternative questions (questions that they themselves would ask) into your transcript and then meet with you for an hour to teach you advanced counter-storying practices. Please click on Narrative Apprentice to learn more. 

Narrative Family Therapy Journal

  The Journal of Narrative Family Therapy (JNFT) is a free online journal, dedicated to re-imagining the future of narrative family therapy practice in a unique collaborative, anti-journal format.Founding Editor: David Epston. Current Editors: David Epston and Tom Stone Carlson.