September 17, 2023 Collab Salon: The Power of Resonance and Transport: Experiences of a Narrative Reflecting Team

The Vermont Center for Narrative Practice (VCNP) has been utilizing a Narrative Reflecting Team consultation model that incorporates the 4 part “Retelling” process outlined by Michael White (2005, p. 190)1 for Outsider Witnesses: 1) Expression 2) Image 3) Personal Resonance 4) Transport.  Through our conversation together at the Collab Salon, our aim is to share our experiences as a team particularly with the processes of Resonance and Transport and to learn how participants have also incorporated these elements into their own narrative practices (whether through reflecting teams or not). It is our hope that this dialogue will foster new understandings of these mechanisms and move us to consider different ways of incorporating these outsider witness practices into our work with others.