Each month we focus on a different theme as a starter dough for invigorating conversation. Members can join us in real time and also review archived materials.

September 19, 2021 Collab Salon: Asking about online communities of support

Narrative Therapy inquiry offers novel and exciting opportunities to explore membership in online communities and spaces.  Whether it is through involvement with Discord servers or Team Speak or through informal groups through Facebook or WhatsApp, complexity and sophistication can be co-discovered in online communities.  Vast possibilities exist around speaking about these groups and communities in Narrative Therapy and, in particular, the importance of these communities can be privileged and elevated instead of obscured or diminished.

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October 17, 2021 Collab Salon: Improv Narrative: Saying “yes, and” in narrative therapy and social work across the globe

The principles of improv theater (making your partner look and feel good, counting on chaos and uncertainty, showing up for the moment) seem to be relevant to the current collective moment where there is still a lot of uncertainty. We became curious whether improv wisdom ideas and practices can go hand in hand with the narrative therapy and community work. We decided to talk to narrative practitioners from all over the world about their experiences around improvisation. This Salon will showcase the highlights of those conversations, provide space for reflections and new practices to emerge and, hopefully, give us an opportunity to play some improv games.

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August 15, 2021 Collab Salon: Temper Tantrum Parties & Learning How to Apply David Epston’s Inventions

David Epston has invented many imaginative, and startlingly successful ways of disappearing problems for children & young people which he has documented in stories from his practice in many publications. I have found that using his ideas successfully within my own practice has required more of me than simply following the guidance in the  stories, and I have had failures along the way. In this Collab Salon, I will illustrate David’s approach to Temper Tantrums with using recent examples from my own practice to children & young people which have been successful in just two sessions. I will also touch on what I am a learning so far about applying David’s remarkable inventions. Kay Ingamells

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Nov 21, 2021 Collab Salon: Finding our Way in Narrative Conversations: Sustaining Narrative Practice Across Generations:

How will narrative practice sustain and transform in the coming years and decades? While honoring our mentors, we take delight in the emergence of newer voices within a generation of narrative practitioners. The presence of these “fresh voices’ contributes immeasurably to our learning community, as we co-learn together. Building on the Across Narrative Generations: Co-sparking with emerging voices  Hot Topic for the New Decade, this  Collab Salon will  explore behind the scenes of two Reauthoring Teaching projects: 1) What I learned from my mentor: A community-wide project to build a Youtube playlist that captures learnings from cherished mentors; we hope to inspire others to contribute 2)  Finding our way in Narrative Conversations: Maggie Carey Interviews: A new miniseries based on three edited interviews with three workshop participants (Shelburne Vermont, June 2016), demonstrating specific narrative practices on a whiteboard. Through Reflecting teamwork, questions and responses and a gathering of skillful narrative practitioners from around of the world who trained extensively with Maggie:  Raviraj Shetty & Jehanzeb Baldiwala (Mumbai, India), Alfonzo (Poncho) Diaz (Mexico City, Mexico), Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan and Mark Byrne (Adelaide, S. Australia). Together we inquiry into why Maggie went the way she did in each interview, and how this relates to our own everyday practices.

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May 16, 2021 Collab Salon: Emerging Black Voices in Psychotherapy

In this Salon, Charley Lang interviewed Barbara Herring (“B”) with two new members of our narrative community, Tanya Barr and Eric Katende, both black clinicians and recent graduates of Antioch University. Tanya, Eric and B spoke to both the challenges and the hopes experienced as black students, community members and therapists in a very white world. After small groups met, Tanya, Eric and B then selected participants’ questions to respond to in an engaged collaborative conversation.

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