MW-Initiatives Honoring Michael’s Intentions

In January, 2008, Michael established “Adelaide Narrative Therapy Centre (ANTC)” – a new centre for narrative teaching and practice in Adelaide. After Michael’s death,  Maggie Carey, Shona Russell and Rob Hall renamed the small centre that Michael got started,  “Narrative Practices Adelaide” (NPA). We’d like to honor the work of NPA and to share a few recorded reflections by Maggie Carey, Rob Hall and Shona Russell. In April, 2011, they recorded a conversation about Michael White’s intentions in keeping narrative therapy flourishing, “as a beginning not an ending.”

Developing Training Opportunities

We begin with a brief audio recording - and transcript- in which Narrative Practices Adelaide describes Michael's intention to grow narrative therapy trainings. Then we add several initiatives in training and in Higher Education. Please send us some of your own!

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Establishing a Network of Providers

One of Michael’s clear intentions was to further the links and connections with the many existing centers of Narrative practice.  He had envisioned such a network being a support between centres for the work that was already being done, as well as being inspiration for the further development of narrative practice. In the past decade,  a range of centers have become linked with each other and with other teachers of narrative practice. Please join us by contributing news of  your center, consultation group and/or other narrative training program. Together we wish to support each other's ongoing work to put narrative ideas into practice.

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Continuing The Spirit of Human and Social Inquiry

Michael was keenly interested in exploring the development of ideas and developments in the field of social and human inquiry. While alive, he initiated many opportunities for people around the world to get together and talk about ideas and to pay attention to what they triggered and sparked. We include here a brief conversation between his close colleagues Maggie, Shona and Rob who describe some of the ways they have been able to continue these explorations. We also include some Dulwich Centre Friday Afternoon videos. What are some of the ways you are continuing the exploration- and cross-pollination?

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Aboriginal, Indigenous & Community Workers

Michel was committed to developing respectful narrative approaches to working with Aboriginal workers in Australia. In addition, we'd like to show here other narrative initiatives working with Aboriginal and Indigenous people, as well as Community Workers (India).

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Working with the Effects of Abuse and Violence

Addressing men’s violence was one of the first clear starting points for  teamwork at Narrative Practices Adelaide. We include here a brief audio recording of a “Narrative Practices Adelaide” conversation.  Prior to this recording, Rob,  Shona and Maggie reviewed notes from Michael’s intensive on working with the effects of violence and abuse and from conversations they  had with Michael about men’s violence. Toward taking a narrative focus to that work with men, they reflected on their  work and Alan Jenkins framework for “Invitations to Responsibility.” Through this closer look, they began to highlight relevant themes, which were further  brought to life through their own counseling work and  teaching. They describe how Michael’s concern with men’s violence became one of the clear starting points for their work together as a team, and incorporated into the broader training of their certificate course. In addition, we add below a number of projects and few (of many)  Friday Afternoon Videos sponsored by the Dulwich Centre. Do you have something to contribute? We welcome other articles, recordings and reflections!

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Children, Trauma & Its Consequences

 Michael White loved to be in the company of children, and his work with children was filled with beauty, laughter and intrigue. He often spoke about the extreme importance of finding ways for children and families to address trauma. He received many referrals of children in child protection services as well as with larger systems such as Aboriginal communities impacted by suicide. In Africa, he met with over 60 agencies providing services to children impacted by AIDS epidemic.In Children, Trauma and Subordinate Storyline Development (International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, Responding to Trauma Part 2 -2005 Nos. 3 & 4), Michael poses the central question, “How can we ensure that children are not vulnerable to an experience of re-traumatization in the context of speaking about what they have been through?” What contribution would you like to make to this tapestry of initiatives with children and their families?

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Provision of therapy and counselling services

 Michael talked about his hope to return to doing direct work with people with complex needs. As an illustration, we begin with Narrative Practices Adelaide and their commitment to providing counseling and therapeutic services in their local community. Their therapeutic work often links them with government and non-government community services and they value ongoing working relationship with a range of family and community agencies in Adelaide. Please join us in describing similar initiatives where you live.

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Collective Projects – Additional Initiative

We have identified several primary intentions that guided Michael's vision of the future. Collective Projects is another initiative that has blossomed over the past decade, which we believe is in alignment with Michael's other intentions for Narrative Practice. Do you have community based/collective project to share?

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Additional Initiatives

What about Higher Education and Research? Have a look at the Next Generations section of this Michael Legacy Project where we've further build on these Higher Education Initiatives . What else? While we know we can't possibly cover all the initiatives that has developed in alignment with Michael's intentions, we'd like to do the best we can to list more here.

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