What about Higher Education and Research? What else? While we know we can’t possibly cover all the initiatives that has developed in alignment with Michael’s intentions, we’d like to do the best we can to list more here.

Higher Education

Over the past decade, several higher education initiatives have emerged with the intention of preparing the next generation of narrative practitioners. For example, The University of Melbourne in partnership with the Dulwich Centre created The Masters in Narrative Therapy & Community Work.  San Diego State University offers a narratively oriented Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with a particular focus on developing culturally responsive therapists. The Taos Institute PhD Program, designed for mature professionals who wish to pursue a line of inquiry has attracted- and graduated- a number of narrative teachers, scholars and practitioners. Re-authoring Teaching is developing a section of its website devoted to Higher Education with a growing library of teaching resources. Have a look at the Next Generations section of this Michael Legacy Project where we’ve further build on these Higher Education Initiatives . Please help us add to this list!

Research, Evidence and Narrative Practices

The Dulwich Centre website created a section dedicated to providing information about the evidence-base for narrative practices.

Over time, we hope that this repository will be a place that people can turn to access information about the evidence base in relation to narrative practices. We also hope it will be a place to foster debate, dialogue, and discussion about the politics and possibilities of researching narrative practice.

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