Michael talked about his hope to return to doing direct work with people with complex needs. As an illustration, we begin with Narrative Practices Adelaide and their commitment to providing counseling and therapeutic services in their local community. Their therapeutic work often links them with government and non-government community services and they value ongoing working relationship with a range of family and community agencies in Adelaide. Please join us in describing similar initiatives where you live.

Transcript: Extending the Contexts

Shona, Maggie & Rob have a brief conversation about their commitment to establish a place  focusing on a narrative approach to counseling work in a range of different contexts. This includes forming connections with an organization for homeless people as well as offering services to people experiencing complex and long term mental health difficulties.

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An Institute of Community Participation by America Bracho

The community work of America Bracho and Latino Health Access has inspired many readers. Dulwich Centre Publications reproduced an article that was previously published in ‘Towards a healthy community,’ Dulwich Centre Journal (2000 No.3).

Latino Health Access seeks to act as an institute of community participation. We wish to provide mechanisms for community members to participate in addressing their own health issues. We aim to work with organising the talents, the resources, the knowledges, and skills of the community to address the issues they wish to address. We believe that many of the health concerns currently experienced by Latino people in this neighbourhood are primarily related to issues of human dignity. They relate to the fact that human dignity is jeopardised here by the effects of fear and poverty.

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