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What makes a good question? What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? What are some narrative lines of inquiry? What are some of David’s illustrious contributions to Playful Approaches,  Anti-anorexia/Anti-bulimia, Alternative sources of bravery, and Insider Witness Practices? Following are faculty and resources inspired by David Epston, co-founder of Narrative Therapy.

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David Epston is  the co-originator with Michael White of what has come to be known as ‘narrative therapy and community work’. The collaboration between David and Michael began in the late 1970s, as continued for many years…
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Lynne V. Rosen, LCSW

David Epston

Remembering Michael White
David collaborated with Michael White for more than 25 years. He gave the speech Remembering Michael White at The Family Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand on 23 May, 2008.
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Tom Carlson, PhD

Tom Carlson

Jennifer Freeman, MFT

Jennifer Freeman

Travis Heath

Travis Heath

Kay Ingamells, MSW

Kay Ingamells

Dean Lobovits, MFT

Dean Lobovits

Laurie Markham, MFT

Laurie Markham

David Marsten

David Marsten

marcela polanco, PhD

marcela polanco

Larry Zucker

From Craft to Art: Apprenticeship in the Artistry of Narrative Practice - Kay Ingamells & Tom Carlson
From Craft to Art: Apprenticeship in the Artistry of Narrative Practice, March 2017 Collab Salon with Kay Ingamells & Tom Carlson

Stories that honor cultural integrity
Translating Narrative Therapy with Travis Heath & marcela polanco- February 2017 Collab Salon
Narrative Therapy in Wonderland- Book Launch
Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Book launch with David Marsten & Laurie Markham April, 2016 Collab Salon
Case Studies- David Epston & Tom Carlson
Case Studies:  Writing, Mapping & Learning Narrative Practice, November 2015 Collab Salon with David Epston, Kay Ingamells & Tom Carlson
Stories that honor cultural integrity
Stories that honor cultural integrity  with marcela polanco- September 2015 Collab Salon
Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with Children’s Imaginative Know-How. David Marsten, David Epston & Laurie Markham. Book description.
Barcelona Keynote: The European/Spanish Narrative Therapy Conference, July, 2016 – David Epston.
This isn’t Adelaide of Auckland! Re-imagining Narrative Therapy Elsewhere – David Epston keynote, Room Full of Stories, Mumbai, India, October, 2016.
Rich Story Development
Escaping Blame: Helping Couples Develop Account-ability with Larry Zucker: Lesson 2: Influencing the conversation/topic d: Eliciting Hidden Empathy.  Internalized other questions with couples: The New Zealand version.


Narrative Therapy History

Living Narrative History and Practice

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Down Under and Up Over – Travels with Narrative Therapy

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Playful approaches

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Playful Approaches to Serious Problems

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narrative therapy in wonderland

Narrative Therapy in Wonderland

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Narrative Therapy in Wonderland

Interviewing Practices

Putting Pressure On Yourself To Put Pressure On The Problem

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Working With Couples

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Letter Writing

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Narrative Approaches

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Narrative Approaches

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Archive of Resistance

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Anti-Anorexia/ Bulimia: A Polemics Of Life And Death

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Biting The Hand That Starves You

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Chapter Five

The Journal of Systemic Therapies

Clients Who Inspired You

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One Good Story Deserves Another

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Mother Appreciation Parties

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The Ethics of Excitement

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Alternative Sources Of Bravery

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To Christchurch with Love – Part 1

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To Christchurch with Love – Part 2

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