Pour la première fois en Suisse, Peggy Sax nous invite à découvrir les « pratiques thérapeutiques collectives » lors d’une journée de formation le samedi 12 juillet 2014 à Sion Atelier:  En anglais, traduction simultanée en français, Trame Narrative en collaboration avec Relance Relationnelle (GE).


Lunchtime at Workshop


Thank you to Charlotte and Gilles Crettenand for hosting a very memorable experience. Together they translated the entire workshop (with in-site help from Kate Lindley Scheidegger). Charlotte is currently transforming the materials into our first French Narrative Online Course – in collaboration with Trame Narrative.


swiss alps

The Swiss Alps

swiss alps wildflowers
This is such a beautiful part of the world! Charlotte is a member of The Collab.  You can read more about Sion, Switzerland in her View from my window here.

Charlotte has a dream to create a French section of the Collab.

Please let us know of your interest (below).