(As I don’t consider myself as a good enough “pictures catcher”, I borrowed the following two photos from Google.)

This picture is the astounding view that could welcome you when approaching my town, Sion, in the Rhône Valley. It was probably taken during a nice winter walk along the “Bisse de Mont d’Orge” (“bisses” are irrigation channels which were carved out in the sides of the mountains in order to water the vines and fields). The two castles (Valère and Tourbillon) are the remains of respectively 12th and 14th centuries.

When I was a child, my family and I used to come to Sion to visit my grand-parents. While driving on the motorway, when I caught sight of the two castles, suddenly appearing, I always knew that we were close and soon, we were going to share meaningful moments with an exquisite plate of “macaronis au fromage”.

In 2012, my husband and I moved there and since, everyday I have the pleasure to watch the castles for as long as I wish.


This picture shows an amazing view of the “lacs de Fenêtre”, a place you could get to by a hiking trail from Ferret valley. This “secret place” is also in the region where I live, the Valais, but of course I can’t watch this view directly from my windows. The caption says it was taken at sunrise.
When I was a little girl, I used to participate at a summer camp which took place in the region. I have wonderful memories of these two-weeks camps. One time a week, we were supposed to choose a one or two-days hike. To be perfectly honest, I used to hate hiking and most of all, the 2-days ones because we had to camp in these awful old tents, waking up all wet from dew and beginning the day feeling frozen. Yet, once, I chose the two-days hike to these “lacs de Fenêtre” and what I saw at dawn when I get out of my tent was worth it !
Lacs de Fenêtre