View from my window

Sarah Hughes: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

I live in a small, hippy town nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. We are on the edge of a river that opens up into a large lake that is wonderful for swimming although many people find it cold even in summer. I love swimming!  Mountains and water are very special to me. I need to get outside and have an adventure in order to feel settled into a good sense of my [...]

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Jo Viljoen: Pretoria, South Africa

Greetings! Here are seven photos to give you a sense of my life in South Africa. Bikers saying farewell to Mandela from the Union Buildings.  We had a ride of honor in his memory from Houghton, Johannesburg to The Union Buildings, where we released balloons and gave him the traditional bikers farewell.  Cullinan is a small town close to Pretoria, with an active diamond mine.  Its quaint old world charm always pleases me. EFF made Thembisa Red.  [...]

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Don McGillivray: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Hello from Canada! I am Don McGillivray from Edmonton, Alberta, I work as a Behaviour Consultant for Pembina Hills Regional School District # 7, Barrhead, AB, a rural school district in which I provide services to 15 rural schools. I also have a private practice called Stories In Motion Inc., which you may want to check out at here. The 7 pictures I am sharing with all of you have themes of water, space, curiosity, cultural understandings, journeying, [...]

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Charlotte Crettenand: Switzerland

When I was a child, my family and I used to come to Sion to visit my grand-parents. While driving on the motorway, when I caught sight of the two castles, suddenly appearing, I always knew that we were close and soon, we were going to share meaningful moments with an exquisite plate of "macaronis au fromage."

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Jehanzeb Baldiwala – India

This view from the window is of Mumbai's skyline made of steel and glass.Mumbai is a Potpourri of communities and cultures. It is known as Mayanagri or the city of dreams.   Alone Shore Here is a photo of the water and beach shore in Mumbai... It evokes memories of days at the beach, childhood, boat rides, sunrise and sunset and one big piece of Mumbai's soul. Marine Drive, Mumbai This is Marine Drive, Mumbai [...]

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Regina Jardim: Brasil

I choose 5 pictures. The first is the location of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil on the globe. Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca This one is a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro in springtime. As you can see, Rio is a city located between the sea and the mountains. This means that too many people want to live in narrow strips of land. So it became a culture to live in buildings [...]

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Jiwon Choi: Korea

First day light of 2014 This is the picture of the day light of the first day of January, 2014, in the middle of the Sungsoo Bridge going to Gangnam. It's the winter. I have the hope to live extraordinary and ordinary life with sunshine. It is the same place I have been before but I felt differently. Mandala of shoes This is the entrance of our house in summertime. My second son reorganized the [...]

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Zhao: China

The first three photos were taken in Meishan city of Sichuan province during the Chinese new year. People enjoyed their lives in the square, drinking tea and playing cards. It evoked me about the leisure life style in my homeland. People focused on enjoying lives more than earning money. It's a philosophy of leading a leisure life which lasts for thousands years. I once rode a bicycle from Chengdu to Meishan in a summer vacation 10 [...]

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