Narrative Practices & Emotions

40+ Ways to Support the Emergence of Flourishing Identities.

Book Launch

with Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin & Gerald Monk

Monday, March 4, 2024, 4:00 -5:30 pm EST

Narrative Practices and Emotions is a beautifully crafted book that provides fresh perspectives for new and experienced practitioners on how to combine classic narrative therapy with the latest scholarship on the mind-body connection.

This inspiring text keeps a keen eye on the socio-cultural backdrop that is intimately shaping peoples’ lives while tapping into cutting-edge discoveries on mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, and positive psychology. Each chapter offers a wealth of clinical questions and embodied exercises. Conversation maps that provide important guideposts to practitioners are exemplified by engaging transcripts of therapeutic work.

As the book unfolds, readers discover a wide variety of ways to assist people of all ages in re-engaging with a meaningful life and sustaining well-being despite struggles with job search, parenting, conflicts, or even pre-verbal traumatic experiences. The compelling stories elegantly demonstrate that skillful conversations can invigorate hope and support the emergence of flourishing identities.

In conversation with each other and through a Q& A with participants, Marie-Nathalie and Gerald will share the experience of writing this book and what they value most.

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Editorial Reviews

“Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin and Gerald Monk are both veterans of the ‘first generation’ of narrative therapy practitioners, theorists, and educators. As is often the case when you amalgamate two traditions of practice and theory, you are in for surprises. There are surprises aplenty in Narrative Practices and Emotions―and who better than these authors to have integrated these two seemingly disparate approaches?”
― David Epston, co-originator of narrative therapy

“Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin and Gerald Monk incorporate knowledge from neuroscience and positive psychology into narrative practices with curiosity and open-mindedness. I especially like how they explore the ‘landscapes’ of affective physiology and the embodiment of emotions, as well as their inquiries about clients’ experiences of relational flow and mindfulness in their lives. Their ideas are refreshing and inspiring and represent an emergence of a flourishing identity for narrative work itself.”
― Margarita Tarragona, PhD, director, ITAM Center for Well-Being Studies, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Mexico City

“With remarkable finesse, the coauthors draw from decades of study, practice, and teaching narrative therapy to carefully venture into pioneering territories that integrate their clinical work with current research findings about the brain, body, and emotions. Each chapter offers novel therapeutic practices accompanied by transcripts and associated therapeutic questions. If you are a narrative practitioner wishing to broaden the scope of your work with uniquely intense problems, this trailblazing book is for you!”

― Peggy Sax, PhD, Founder, Re-Authoring Teaching

“A significant contribution to a burgeoning body of literature. The authors weave together the diverse strands of the postmodern narrative worldview with the recent developments of interpersonal neurobiology. Beaudoin and Monk invite us to journey with them into new territories of possibility that crackle with innovation. By artfully intersecting narrative practices with generously particularized practices from interpersonal neurobiology and embodiment, they offer many fresh options for fostering the emergence of preferred and robust identities. This timely volume is a must-read.”
― Jim Duvall, MEd, codirector of JST Institute, editor of Journal of Systemic Therapies, and coauthor of Innovations in Narrative Therapy: Connecting Practice, Training, and Research

Narrative Practices and Emotions provides a great wealth of knowledge and new ideas for narrative practitioners. Beaudoin and Monk write with a level of lucidity that underscores the vital role of emotions in narrative practices. Through a series of vignettes from clinical practice, the authors demonstrate how emotions expand clients’ narratives. Attention to local knowledges and historically disregarded healing practices offers a breath of fresh air. Indeed, this is a very well-written book that weaves narrative therapy with interpersonal biology, mindfulness, and embodiment approaches. A must-read!”
― Hugo Kamya, PhD, professor, Simmons University, School of Social Work

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