What Happens When Narrative Therapy Migrates?

Co-hosts  Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun (France) and Hanne Robenhagen (Denmark)

Wednesday Morning, June 19, 2019 (3 CEs)

9:00 am-12:30 pm

Barton’s Look-out Lodge (“The Red House”)

Workshop Outline

Narrative therapy was originally born in Australia and New Zealand and at first spread in the Anglo-Saxons countries. Over the last 20 years, the practice and the ideas have migrated to various territories including Europe,  Japan,  Russia,  Asia, Africa and many other places. The intention of this workshop is to discuss about what happens to the ideas and practice when they take root in various different cultures, how they are invigorated  by cultural fertilisation  and  their “re-performance” in other languages.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Discover several examples of narrative developments led by cultural contexts and what they have made possible.
  2. Explore and discuss the “core” of narrative practice, constituting a sort of narrative DNA beyond the variations across cultures and languages.
  3. Understand the risk of narrative practice becoming feudal with English as its colonial language, and in particular, the challenge of translating seminal narrative ideas articles and questions into a foreign language without losing their intended spirit.
  4. Learn from other human migrations, historic and current, in the experience of assimilation and preservation of original cultures and identities?


Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun, MBA,  is a “Narrapist”, Coach, therapist, trainer and supervisor of coaches, corporate poet and teacher of the Australian Narrative Approach in France and Europe. As one of the oldest French coaches, he is the Founder and Director of White Spirit Narratives; the Founder and Pedagogic Director of La Fabrique Narrative, a Columnist at Management Magazine. He has published 17 books. With 25 years of experience in professional support and professional development consulting,  Pierre currently accompanies leaders, Executive teams and professional communities with narrative practices.

Hanne Robenhagen (Virum, Denmark) works around children in residential Care, trauma in narrative perspective and practise, and Sos children’s villages in Poland , Belarus, Latvia, lithuania and Norway. As a teacher in Denmark, this work has been funded since 2016  by The Nordic Council of ministers. Hanne’s other work is with Young Danes on a travelling -3 weeks intensive in Costa Rica, Mexico, Galapagos, Fiji, Virgin Islands, and Bali.

Additional Resources

Our Global Commitments:

Please review the page on the Reauthnoring Teaching website here where we outline several shared commitments toward creating space to share and disseminate knowledge and practices, while simultaneously honoring the unique features of local culture and language.

We would like to especially acknowledge the influence of marcela polanco on these  global commitments. Hopefully marcela  will join us via Zoom for this session. Here are two videos that provide brief introductions to marcela’s work.