SAVE THE DATE! Narrative Camp: June 14-21 2019!

SAVE THE DATE! Narrative Camp: June 14-21 2019!2019-02-17T09:21:40+00:00

Narrative Reverberations: Community Conversations Around the World and Across Generations

Narrative Camp 2019 will bring together a  diverse blend of practitioners & teachers of different ages and different languages from around the world to take turns interviewing each other about the past, present and future of Narrative Therapy.  We think of this Narrative Camp as a Definitional Ceremony, with several of us approaching retirement being interviewed by younger folks, some of whom know each other personally. We will then reverse the process to interview fresher voices in the field about what excites them most about directions in their work. At other times, participants will join up in different cottages around shared narrative themes. We offer options for a weeklong or four day stay on Lake Champlain. Please read below for the description and then fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible to help us reserve our cottages and firm up our plans.

Our 2019 Program

 Vermont is a small state with limited resources. We want to take advantage of our beautiful, tranquil natural setting and at the same time, simplify our process. Rather than organizing a bigger workshop somewhere nearby, our program will take place in the cottages, making it possible to stay by the Lake the entire time.
At Narrative Camp we love to foster inter-generational and multi-cultural connections. Everyone benefits from these inspiring exchanges that level the playing field and bring together both seasoned and early career voices.   In addition to intergenerational interviewing, we’ll join up in cottages in interest groups according to shared themes such as responding to trauma, embodied and somatic practices, diversity and justice-doing, coaching and organizational development, gender and language, imagination & expressive arts.


The program will begin Sunday Afternoon, June 16. and finish by 1pm on Thursday, June 20th.  Community Conversations will take place for half-days in 2 cottages each day. By alternating mornings or afternoons, our hope is to include folks from far flung places who cannot join us in person, but can participate through Zoom. The rest of the day is free time for restoration and other informal activities:  kayaking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sharing meals, yoga by lakeside watching glorious sunsets and hanging out talking on verandas. Some people also like to visit nearby museums, towns and other sites. Our videographers will be available to document some noteworthy conversations.


Vermont is a small, rural state.  Narrative Camp will take place on Thompsons Point in Charlotte Vermont about 1/2 hour drive from Burlington International Airport. Some people prefer to fly into Montreal, New York or Bost0n airports, and then take train or bus to Burlington/Essex Junction. Otherwise, we have limited public transportation. It’s easy to rent a car, or to get rides from locals. Here in Vermont, we do our best to live by our steadfast values of community-mindedness, neighborly ways and hospitality.  Please Contact Us  for further information about transportation options or about getting picked up at the airport, bus or train station.


We’ve reserved six gorgeous cottages, each with between 3-5 bedrooms. We will offer two cottage options for either 4 or 7 nights. These rentals will fill quickly so please respond as soon as possible. If we fill them, we’ll do our best to find more cottages in the same vicinity. Keep in mind, these cottages are hard to find, and require deposits by the beginning of February to reserve them. In the spirit of simplifying, we will aggregate the number of bedrooms/beds to calculate a basic fee for renting a room/shared room. While some people can stay the entire week, others will choose the four-day option.  These fees are approximate. We will firm up charges soon.

Week’s RentalFriday-Friday, June 14-21, 2019.

  • Single room: $600
  • King or Queen Bed/double occupancy: $600;
  • Shared room/twin bed: $300

Four-night option: Sunday- Thursday morning. June 16-20, 2019.

  • Single room: $375
  • Queen Room/double occupancy: $375
  • Single bed/shared room: $200
  • Couch surfing (A limited number for anyone with very limited funds): $100

Please fill out the questionnaire below to let us know your preferences:

  1. Your choice of one-week or 4-day option;
  2. Your priorities for bed choice (if possible, choose more than one option; bed choices are limited);
  3.  Name of person you wish to share a double occupancy room or shared room;
  4. Any people with whom you hope to share a cottage;
  5. Any additional requests/hopes for your cottage rental.


We understand many people are on tight budgets. We will do our best to make this gathering affordable.  In addition to cottage rental, here’s what you can expect:

Food:  Sunday-Thurs will include 5 catered lunches @ $15 = $75. Otherwise, cottages will be responsible for their own breakfasts and dinners, free to make their own arrangements to join up with others at any time.

 Fee for Program (Sunday-Thurs: half-days): $225 or reduced fee for students/early career/limited income: $125.

We also welcome donations, which we pledge to put to good use to promote training, professional development and continuing education in a narrative approach to therapy, organizational, and community work. No donation is too small — or too large! All donations are tax deductible.

  • - Week’s Rental: Friday-Friday, June 14-21, 2019.' - 4-night option: Sunday- Thursday morning. June 16-20, 2019.
  • What is your first choice?
  • If you first choice isn't available, would you be willing to choose a second choice? Please fill out only if you can envision this option.
  • If you first and second choices aren't available, would you be willing to choose a third choice? Please fill out only if you can envision this option..
  • With whom do you want to share a Queen/King Room? A single room? Are there others you hope to share the cottage? Any additional requests/hopes for your cottage rental?