Are you able to find the lovely article by Chris Beels called, “Some Historical Conditions for narrative work,” followed by the ongoing conversation with Chris about this article (<a href=”” target=”_blank”>here</a>)? Every time I feature Chris’ article in a course, he responds enthusiastically. Whether through email or on the phone, I can”hear” him respond with a smile. Like most authors I know, Chris is so happy to know that his work is useful to us.. Recently, I also had a chance to ask Chris about his painting (as a retired psychiatrist, he is immersed in painting – check out his website: <a href=””>Christian Beels gallery</a>).

Here are some questions to get conversation started:

– What are your thoughts after reading Chris’ article?
– What stands out to you about the historical conditions for narrative work?
– Did you get a chance to read any of his prior exchange with Study Group members?
– What about for those of you who participated in that exchange with Chris – what’s it like to reread that exchange? What has that got you thinking about?
– Is there anything you would want to add to this exchange?
– What else would you like to say that I haven’t asked?

Just a reminder : you don’t have to respond to all of the questions. Just whatever captures your imagination.