Re-authoring Teaching is initiating a collective Youtube Project called Why Narrative therapy? This shared project is a wonderful illustration of creating a collaboratory with people coming together for a common cause. We want to especially acknowledge Cindy Parrish (videographer), Charley Lang (editor) and Akansha Vaswani for helping create our new Re-authoring Teaching Youtube Channel including the “Why Narrative Therapy?” Playlist.

Introducing the Why Narrative Therapy? Project

SuEllen Hamkins, Charley Lang, Peggy Sax, Akansha Vaswani, and  Larry Zucker describe how they came up with the Why Narrative Therapy Youtube Project as a way to expand the narrative therapy conversation.

Why Narrative Therapy?

SuEllen Hamkins, Charley Lang, Peggy Sax, Akansha Vaswani and Larry Zucker  respond to the question of “Why we practice from a narrative therapy approach?”

What do we believe clients most appreciate?

Our second question looks through the eyes of people who consult with us to imagine what makes narrative therapy most effective.  If exposed to other therapies, what  do we think others might say about these ways of working?  This brief Youtube gives one set of responses:

What values do you most appreciate as a narrative therapist?

In this brief Youtube, SuEllen Hamkins, Charley Lang, Peggy Sax, and Larry Zucker talk about values guiding their work, in response to the question # 3 in the Why Narrative Therapy Youtube Project: “What are your hopes and intentions for your work? How do these ways of working impact your professional development, life and relationships.

Avoiding Burn-out

How do you avoid burn-out as a narrative therapist? What excites, energizes and feeds you? What depletes your energy for your work? Any surprises come to mind? SuEllen Hamkins, Charley Lang, Peggy Sax, Akansha Vaswani, Larry Zucker respond to question #4 in the NT Video Project.

Join us!

We welcome anyone who would like to join this project. Collab Members can review archived materials from our June, 2015 Collab Salon for instructions to make audio or video responses (brief please) to the four questions. Together we can “create a collaboratory!”