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  • April 1, 2021 - June 24, 2021
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
New Group scheduled for April, 2021!

Narrabusiness Consultation  Group & Shared Project

with Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun

“This all still seems a bit of a dream to me, teaching narrative coaching in Reauthoring Teaching!”

More and more colleagues around the world are bringing narrative conversations into companies and organizations. The narrative approach is highly effective with leaders, teams and work communities, and this effectiveness in return requires a great deal of attention to ethics and accountability. This attention enables us to engage ideals of justice, poetry and beauty while bringing narrative approaches into the world of business. Our dominant economic systems are typically shaped by very powerful practices known as “the “Big Five”: performance, shareholder return, compliance, competition and eternal growth. A narrative approach deconstructs these practices of cultural/economic normalization, inviting the Narrapist to engage a different set of values…one where alternative business stories of empowerment emerge from the honoring of individual excellence, community engagement and collaborative team building.

This group, limited to 12 people, is aimed at all people who work with narrative ideas in business or organizational contexts, with issues of power, management, suffering at work, professional conflicts, teamwork, corporate cultures and discourses.  Two directions of work will be practiced. First: understanding narrative concepts in the world of organizations while maintaining ethical vigilance, and second: engaging participants in the engineering and deployment of their own narrative coaching missions in their own particular contexts.

One of the group’s intentions might also be to produce a collective book based on the conversations carried out together.

Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun, MBA,  is a “Narrapist”, Coach, therapist, trainer and supervisor of coaches, corporate poet and teacher of the Australian Narrative Approach in France and Europe. As one of the oldest French coaches, he is the Founder and Director of White Spirit Narratives; the Founder and Pedagogic Director of La Fabrique Narrative, a Columnist at Management Magazine