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January 17, 2021 Collab Salon: Re-authoring Confinement: Creating a Collaboratory During the Pandemic

Around the world, Covid-19 profoundly impacts our everyday lives. As narrative practitioners we are trained to double-listen to problems, to pay close attention to the suffering as well as to initiatives and events that might not be predicted by the problematic stories. What are some of the sparkling moments where the dominance of the pandemic problem disappears? Please join us as we begin our new year with a range of contributors sharing experiences and the joy of collaborative projects across the world: making poetry and art, creating Covid inspired music, learning from Community gatherings and from our children.

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March 21, 2021 Collab Salon: How to Rebuild a Company’s Identity after a Workplace Suicide

The international development of the narrative approach has allowed narrative ideas to inspire interventions in a wide range of areas. In particular, over the last 15 years or so, these ideas have been transposed into the world of business and organizations. Narrative coaches offer to accompany managers, teams and all working communities in exploring the meaning of their work and how the dominant economic discourses create or reinforce situations of power and privilege in the companies. One of the most sensitive areas of this new field of action for narrative ideas is the accompaniment of suffering communities, either through psychosocial risks, burnout, bore-out, or even « return-out » (since the lockdown). There is a particular circumstance where they are very relevant: in those very frequent tragedies that are suicides in the workplace. Beyond this Collab salon, several projects are envisaged: setting up a Consulting Group to deepen all these subjects and bring concrete tools to all international colleagues interested in it, and perhaps the first book in English on the subject. But the first step is to present an overview of corporate narrative practices, as well as a few stories that will show that the power and poetry of narrative ideas bring to the business world the political, therapeutic and ethical perspective it so often lacks.                                                                        

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NarraBusiness Consultation Group & Project 2021

This group, limited to 12 people, is aimed at all people who work with narrative ideas in business or organizational contexts, with issues of power, management, suffering at work, professional conflicts, teamwork, corporate cultures and discourses.  Two directions of work will be practiced. First: understanding narrative concepts in the world of organizations while maintaining ethical vigilance, and second: engaging participants in the engineering and deployment of their own narrative coaching missions in their own particular contexts.

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