Narrative practices have evolved in many ways over the decades in response to changing professional, social and cultural contexts.  Michael White – and David Epston-  gave voice to the  hope and intention that we would continue to try out different modes of inquiry, come up with new practices, and integrate these cherished ways of being with people that fit with our own local experiences and socio-political contexts. What are considerations in integrating other approaches with a Narrative Approach ethically, philosophically and practically? Here we show a few thoughtful developments – and welcome more.

Extending the Histories of Narrative Practice: Creating space for emerging practices

 Lynne-David-IanHow can we continue to build on our deep respect for the evolution of Narrative Therapy  while creating spaces for an interplay with other treasured approaches? In their work, Lynne Rosen, LCSW, David Paré, PhD  and Ian Percy, PhD. are developing different approaches  that bring together EMDR, somatic-oriented therapies, mindfulness practices and the storylines of our lives? In June 2017 the came together in Shelburne Vermont to give a workshop on this topic.We are now in the process of editing the recordings of this gathering for future Reauthoring Teaching offerings.

Past Workshop Description

Grappling with Philosophical Congruence

Maggie Carey, SuEllen Hamkins and Lynne Rosen talk together about some of their considerations in integrating other approaches with a foundation in narrative therapy.  This is the first in a series of Youtube videos on this topic was recorded in June, 2016 at Narrative Camp in Charlotte Vermont.

Bridging Narrative Practice & the Body

Lynne Rosen, Maggie Carey & SuEllen Hamkins exchange ideas about bridging the body and Narrative Practice.

Creating Space for Emerging Approaches – December 2016 Collab Salon

Collab Salon with Ian Percy, Jenny Freeman/Lynne Rosen & Peggy Sax.   What might become possible when the somatic and the linguistic shape therapeutic endeavors? How can we put language and understanding around an integration that resonates both philosophically and practically?  Lynne wasn’t able to join us in person, but was certainly with us in spirit. We welcomed special guest, Jenny Freeman, to join this conversation. Jenny and Ian shared stories from their own journeys as they grapple with honoring their narrative roots as they bring together somatic-oriented  therapies,  mindfulness practices and the storylines of our lives. (Collab Membership required for further viewing).

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