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Therapeutic Contexts

Be tough on the problem- love the person

Piper Clyborn (March 18, 2012) Hi Everyone... This is such an exciting start to the conversation! I have appreciated reading everyone's responses so far and am gaining so many ideas from them! Thank you. My hope is growing. heart warmed to see your face and name on the screen. You are working in the field of addiction? Its validating to hear you have a hard time with the discourse and the field as well. What [...]

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Collecting stories of hope

 March 2, 2012: (Peggy) Through email, I recently connected two study group members - Piper Clyborne and Jo Viljoen- working on different sides of the world, yet with some similar experiences.  They have given me permission to open this emerging conversation to the study group. (I have a dream that maybe this conversation might also be a good way to share Piper with you, and bring her into the study group. Up until now, Piper [...]

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Working with Couples

Sarah: June 6, 2014 Sarah Hughes Hello, To carry on the conversation about working with couples is very exciting to me and I hope people keep posting and others join in. I am lapping up this conversation and ideas like a thirsty dog on a hot summer day! I am working with many couples and haven't found a lot of good conversations like this to satisfy my thirst for new ideas for pushing my [...]

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Working with Families with small children

Peggy: (September 29, 2009) Some of you know that I entered human services back in the mid-1970s when I discovered a passion for home-based work with infants and parents. For about 20 years, I lived, ate and breathed a commitment to families with  infants, toddlers and very young children.  Through this work, I have met people with a fierce commitment and enthusiasm for getting children and families off to a good start, which matches  my [...]

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Working with men who use violence – Rob Hall

Peggy Sax: February 28, 2011 The   "Narrative Practices Adelaide" certificate programme is about to start another year. In preparation, I am starting this special interest group so we can really make the most of the opportunity to bring together people with a particular interest in working with men who use violence against their partners. A good place to begin is to read Rob Hall's article, Pitfalls and challenges in work with men and to [...]

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