Barbara (B) Herring (Los Angeles, CA) holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University where she specialized in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy.  She is actively working as a private practice intern under the supervision of Lucy Cotter at NCC as well as working as an intern at Teen-Line. Barbara’s traineeship was at Being Alive a HIV/Aids Service organization.  Barbara is highly competent and sensitive at working with a diverse range of individuals, regardless of cultural background or where they may fall on the gender and sexuality spectrum, she has created and implemented workshops on Race and Privilege in the Therapy Room.  She presented the May 2018 Collab Salon, Acknowledging the Effects of Difference: Race & Privilege in the Therapy Room, and will lead the Delving into Difference Consultation Group.She hopes to continue to broaden her platform as a consultant for clinicians around intersectionality and difference.