Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun

Pierre  Blanc-Sahnoun, MBA,  is a “Narrapist”, Coach, therapist, trainer and supervisor of coaches, corporate poet and teacher of the Australian Narrative Approach in France and Europe. As one of the oldest French coaches, he is the Founder and Director of White Spirit Narratives; the Founder and Pedagogic Director of La Fabrique Narrative, a Columnist at Management Magazine. He has published 17 books. With 25 years of experience in professional support and professional development consulting,  Pierre currently accompanies leaders, Executive teams and professional communities with narrative practices.

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Elena Baskina

Elena Baskina (Moscow, Russia) is a co-founder and counseling psychologist at the Charity Foundation for Psychological support, «Будущее Сейчас». The Foundation embraces narrative practitioners committed to changing the way psychologists communicate and think of people who they are helping. The Foundation’s team implements and develops Narrative Practices in different context. Elena is teaching both the on-line and off-line courses on narrative therapy, An Introduction to Narrative Therapy, Principles and Skills for Collective Practices, Responding to Trauma. Her therapeutic practice involves working with women, who live with the effects of infertility, losing children and family members, traumatic experiences, anxiety and depression. Since 2010 Elena has run the support groups and developed collective narrative practices for various contexts.

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Maggie Carey

Maggie Carey, (Adelaide, South Australia) is a founding member of the Narrative Practices Adelaide teaching faculty. She is the originator of the online course, An Introduction to Rich Story Development, and currently working with Rob Hall and Shona Russell on the next course in our Rich Story Development Series. A repeat presenter for our Refreshing the spirit of the work workshops, we were delighted to welcome Maggie back to Vermont in June, 2016 for  two events including  Responding to trauma and difficulties in people's lives.  Maggie  has  been involved in the practice of narrative therapy since the early 90′s and in the teaching of it for the past 10 years. Maggie’s therapeutic practice has seen her working alongside young people at risk, with women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse, and with people having experienced trauma, particularly as refugees. (You can read more about Maggie by clicking here.)

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Tom Carlson, Ph.D.

Tom Carlson (Fargo, USA) is a professor and director of the Couple and Family Therapy Doctoral Program at North Dakota State University and is the co-editor (along with David Epston) of a new journal dedicated to the reimagination of narrative practice called the Journal of Narrative Family Therapy. Tom has been practicing and teaching narrative ideas for over 20 years and has published several articles on narrative therapy that focus on helping therapists and the people that we work with to live out the spirit, values, and ethics of narrative ideas in their personal and professional lives. Tom is the developer of an alternative approach to narrative couples therapy called Relational Accountability (published in the International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work) which invites couples to nurture stories of love and compassion in one another through the intentional living out of narrative ethics in their lives and relationships. Most recently Tom partnered with his friend and colleague David Epston in developing an emerging performance based narrative therapy practice called Insider Witnessing Practices that seek bring forth the beauty and dignification of people’s lives in dramatic ways.

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David Epston

David Epston (Auckland, New Zealand)is the co-originator with Michael White of what has come to be known as ‘narrative therapy and community work’. The collaboration between David and Michael began in the late 1970s, as continued for many years. David’s best known publications are White and Epston(1990), Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends; Freeman, Epston and Lobovits(1997), Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families and Maisel, Epston and Borden(2004), Biting The Hand That Starves You: Inspiring Resistance to Anorexia/Bulimia, Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with children's imaginative know-how (with David Marsten & Laurie Markham) along with other collections of papers and book chapters.  David has given several Vermont workshops and masterclasses on the poetics of inquiry: What is a good question? Where do questions come from? How are good questions related to good stories? What guides inquiry in narrative therapy? David is an eagerly anticipated guest presenter on The Collab Salon.   In June 2017, he returned to Vermont to co-present (along with Tom Carlson) a  June 15th workshop on InsiderWitness Practice  and to cohost a gathering of Narrative Educators. To learn more, please visit our newly created Curated Resource Page: David Epston: Where the buses don't run yet. and visit Educators Camp Followup.

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Jenny Freeman

Jenny Freeman has met with people ages 3 to 93 in collaborative practice, group and school settings, and loves the creativity that emerges in collaboration, with the interweaves of narrative and just therapies with expressive arts, somatic, EMDR, energy and transpersonal approaches. Jenny presents internationally, co-owns narrativeapproaches.com and has contributed to the field; Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families, Freeman, Epston and Lobovits (1997); Enter the Magic Sleep Garden (2007), audio & booklet; A Living Legacy, in Whispers and Vanities: Samoan Indigenous Knowledge and Religion (2014); The Turtle With Wings in The New Language of Change:Constructive Collaboration in Psychotherapy; Destination Grump Station: Getting off the Grump Bus, In Nyland, D. & Smith, C., (Eds.), Narrative Therapies with Children and Adolescents. Jenny worked at Walden School, Berkeley, CA over the last 6 years on community needs, served as instructor/director at John F. Kennedy University, & provides student training therapies for the California Institute of Integral Studies. Currently, she is writing a book on interspecies communication and pressing environmental issues, as well as researching and writing articles on how our field can respond to climate change.

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Rob Hall

Rob Hall  (Adelaide, Australia), a social worker, has been working in the area of gender violence and abuse since 1980.  Rob co-pr