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Re-Authoring Teaching 2.0

How can we continue to grow and sustain Narrative Therapy and each other for years to come? Now, in collaboration with a new generation of narrative practitioners, we're making some exciting new plans. Please join us as we unveil  Re-Authoring Teaching 2.0!

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What is the NEWLY renovated Collab Salon?

The Collab Salon is an informal opportunity for Collab Members to learn from - and exchange with guest speakers around particular themes of shared interest.  We began this feature in January, 2015, with a sense of wonder and delight at what new technology is making possible.  Our "meetings on a cloud" occur on the third Sunday of each month at 5pm New York time. Each month we focus on a different theme as a  starter dough for invigorating conversation. Sometimes we feature our Narrative [...]

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Foucault & Poststructuralist inquiry: Archived reflections

Conversation between members of The Collab and The Narrative Practices Adelaide Certificate Programme Mohammad: December 16, 2008 When I first heard about the "gaze" and the shift it has taken in time by Foucault, something in me shifted also. I lived most of my childhood and youth as the "lamb" that Lynn talked about, very shy, much in need of "affirmative action" to bring me out and none was in sight in the [...]

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The Collab Salon Sign Up- Members Only!

This blog post is for Collab Members to sign up for the next Collab Salon. We meet on the third Sunday of the month @ 5pm, NYC time. Each month we will focus on a different theme. It’s free to Collab members! You just need to sign up each month so we will reserve you a spot.

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Larry Zucker- The February Collab Salon

February 15, 2015 A big extra thank you to everyone who helped us officially launch The Collab Salon, and especially to Larry for your generosity and skill in bringing your ideas to us in this new format. It was a thrill- a dream come true- to bring together people from around the world to exchange with Larry Zucker- and each other- about Larry's work with couples - Escaping blaming frames of reference and engaging a [...]

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